Monday, August 25, 2008

So, How Did eBay Bucks Work?

I was looking through some stats for the blog and noticed several people recently visited my post on eBay Bucks, that I wrote back in May. It occurred to me that the eBay Bucks test period was supposed to end in mid-August and today was the 25th.

I was surprised, that I hadn't heard or seen anything written about the program. According to the eBay Bucks FAQ

You can earn rewards from May 15, 2008 to August 14, 2008. Note that only purchases paid for after enrollment are eligible ...

... For users that earn rewards, eBay will email a reward coupon which includes a code to redeem rewards. Reward codes will be issued before August 22, 2008. Users may also access their reward code by logging into

How do I redeem my reward? You will be emailed an eBay Bucks coupon once your reward is ready before August 22, 2008.

To redeem your reward, just:

  1. Go to and log in with the User ID you used to sign up here.
  2. Start shopping. Be sure the seller accepts PayPal.
  3. Pick something you love with a value close to that of your eBay Bucks. (You may use it one time with a single order and a single seller. Any balance is forfeited.)
  4. Pay for your item with PayPal before the expiration date: September 21, 2008 11:59:59 PM PST.
  5. In eBay checkout enter the unique redemption code printed on your coupon.
Have any of you MyBlogUtopia readers used the eBay Bucks program? I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Just curious.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

used it- got several $100 back and will now be able to buy a case of my product for 50% less than wholesale/dealer cost. will end up netting a nice profit when all's said and done.

ebay, KEEP ebay bucks please...

Mike G said...

16 tons and what do you get?

Katiyana said...

I received my email with my code on 8/22 and have until 9/21 to spend it - won't take long because I didn't shop a lot... but it'll get me a free book which is always cool!

Randy Smythe said...

Mike G. Play nice now.

Do you thik they should keep the program.

Anonymous, good to hear. You must be a power buyer, they are really catering to you guys these days.

Hey everybody, Keep the info coming please.

Anonymous said...

idk if I’m a power buyer randy- ebay’s never sent me any official notice (though i have a special direct buyer # to call) and i don’t always get ALL the ebay discount codes. However, I buy a fair amount on ebay (some months, it’s $1000+) to resell on/off ebay. On that particular id, i sell nonrepeatables, so ebay is 1 of my main buying venues and the resell opportunity/profit is well worth the occasional frustrations w/nonperforming sellers i encounter. NOT a big fan of the new ebay search as a buyer though and it’s causing me to ‘browse’ less.

Ebay bucks happened to coincide w/a time i needed A LOT of inventory (most of which has already been resold/nice profit’s been made), so i figured may as well use it to my advantage. 5% ebay bucks (10% during 1 wk when ebay doubled ebay bucks) did inspire me to buy a bit more and i think ebay should continue the program.

Love Gone Sour, Suspicion, and Bad Debt said...

I got $79 back. Im happy with that. Would be cool if they kept it if they can afford it.

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