Monday, August 18, 2008

Quiet Before the Storm!

This is the week we should all hear about the changes eBay has planned, more than likely they will be major, though I would be surprised if they are revolutionary -- perhaps they will announce eBay Classic :)

Over the last few days we've heard about the possibilities of Free Listings and it is clear that all the signs are there, but at this point there aren't any details to back up that speculation.

I do know this, we will here something this week. So buckle your seat belts we may be in for a wild ride.

Just my 12%


Baubles said...

It will be interesting if Ebay moves to a no-listing fee model. In their beginnings, when fees were cheap, they prospered. As the years progressed and the fees increased, it squeezed sellers out of the market. Is it too late for ebay to entice them to come back? If ebay is going after the big boys, how will lowering fees pull in the small seller? Will ebay just end up a dumping ground for mass-marketed Chinese crap with $100 shipping fees?

There are more questions than answers at this point.

Chris said...


Remember when Yahoo and Overstock went to no listing fees? It destroye the sites pretty much. I hope eBay has thought long and hard about this because if they go to free listings it could get ugly. Do you agree?


Randy Smythe said...


Yes, there are more questions than answers right now. It will all be revealed this week then we can look at it make assessments.


I think free listings make sense in certain categories. Coversion rates will sure plunge.

ms.pat said...

I'm very much afraid. We've had nothing but bungling, ruinous policies since January, 2008. Not many believe this is not just more of the same. I'm pretty sure ebay is getting desperate. I look for free listings with 15 percent FVF's and probably other changes too. Nothing's going to work while they still have that bloody best match nonsense in place - nothing!

Yes, in the beginning listings were dirt cheap BUT the site was constantly being advertised on radio in particular. I'm a radio listener and have it on all day and I remember the Ebay ads - almost constantly during the day. When was the last time anyone saw or heard an Ebay ad? Do they really think advertising is no longer necessary? ha!

Cliff Aliperti said...

I do think the removal of duplicate listings points to this, (though I'm shocked it may be coming so soon!). I sell vintage collectibles, so what I consider my "crap" is still technically rare, may find a buyer, and it will be good to possibly have an outlet to list these cheapies that otherwise go unseen by collectors. I wonder though if this does come down if eBay is also going to start policing the site heavier, or perhaps implementing some rule/program that automates this. Of course that sounds intriguing, but given recent history also scares the hell out of me. I'm all for seeing what happens though, most of my fees are up front, the last (minimal) fee change helped me slightly, so personally I do hope this goes farther (lower listing fees, higher FVF). Seat belt buckled, Randy, I agree, it's probably going to be wild!

permacrisis said...

Wild ride? No. Ebay is a shopping mall shootout where the cops never show!

David said...

I'm probably in the minority but I think by doing free listings and increasing the FVF fees you are actually doing a disservice to many "succesful" sellers that have decent conversion rates.

What could hurt eBay is if they drive away sellers that are bringing "hot" products, or products that sell to the site and they attract people who sell crap.

There's a reason why people say "I'd sell more if the listings were free". It's because they know that, chances are that nobody wants their crap. The 30 cents or whatever it cost to list the item isn't worth the risk.

Miss Understanding said...

I'm pretty easy on this stuff. I would just like to see SOMETHING implemented that would help rather than hurt the situation. Both on the buyer side as well as the seller side. It's a chicken and egg situation, you can't have one without the other. When ebay implements changes that hurt sellers, eventually the pain trickles down to the buyers.

Randy Smythe said...

Hey guys and gals,

I'm about to hit the road for San Jose, and all I can say is we will soon know what the actual changes are and we can then pick them to death :)

Hopefully they are positive. I would love to start being postive about eBay.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I did some hunting a pecking and found a site

there are some interesting rumors. if this guy is accurate he should be comped!!!!

Rich said...

It's not as much about fees as it is sell-throughs, possible fraud and chargebacks with Paypal, DSR crapolla, search, and near constant changes.

Free may not be low enough.