Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Amazon is beating up eBay!

Click on the title to go to the MSN Money story!

I've covered most of the information found in the article in previous posts, but wanted to comment that this article is part of the perception battle that eBay is facing. All the news about eBay is bad and all the news about Amazon is good.

Sure, MyBlogUtopia fits squarely in the negative about eBay camp and I would be glad to write positive pieces about both eBay and Amazon unfortunately. I just can't find much positive to say about eBay.

Just my 12%


nadine said...

Randy, did you notice what the MSN Money author singled out as the biggest customer turnoff on Ebay?

Busy shoppers are already skipping eBay's time-consuming auctions, which they might lose at the last second when a computerized shopping bot slips in a bid. Instead, they're opting for "everyday low prices" via the Internet and, in particular, at Amazon.

He singled out the frustration of losing timed auctions, which is something Ebay has never mentioned, never even tried to address. Think about it. No real auction house stops bidding by the clock. I have attended hundreds of auctions, and not once have I heard an auctioneer say, sorry, it's 7:35, bidding time is over. No! If somebody wants to bid higher, they let them, of course. Why won't Ebay change to a system that prevents sniping by adding a minute to the clock when last-minute bids come in? In short, behave like a real auction.

Interesting that Amazon is perceived as having "everyday low prices" when as we know, its prices are higher than Ebay's. I guess it's just not worth the risk and frustration to bargain-hunt on Ebay anymore.

Randy Smythe said...


I agree that extending an auction if there is a bid during the last minutes makes complete sense but eBay isn't going back to auctions until this current approach fails.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you both.

It does make complete sense to extend the time of the auction when a last second bid is placed. Too bad eBay never even tried to level the playing field for bidders.

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