Saturday, August 30, 2008

Get to Know Your Favorite Blogger!

It has been a whirlwind for me the last couple of weeks, with a trip to Seattle to visit with Amazon and then a roadtrip to eBay to hear about the most recent changes. I'm looking forward to settling in and watching how the final quarter of the year turns out for online sellers.

I've also been making the podcast circuit; first an interview with Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes then a podcast with my buddy Kevin Harmon for Startup Nation, followed by a get together with ColderICE and then this morning, an Interview on eBay and Beyond: Basics to Business my interview is in the second hour of the show following Doug Minnick of Overstock Auctions.

As you probably know by now, I have an opinion about many subjects -- some I should keep to myself :). I call it my 15% and MyBlogUtopia is the perfect place to express those opinions, but if you want to get a different perspective on who I am and what I think about selling online, please listen to one or more of these podcasts -- they are not short but hopefully they are interesting.

The slogan for MyBlogUtopia is: "Enable sellers and get out of the way" and my goal is to comment on what is happening in ecommerce and give online sellers as much information as I can, to help improve their business.

My 15% is just that - Mine, but I want to hear your 15% as well, so please take the time to share using the comments section on the blog. I'll do my best to champion the business of selling online.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day holiday.

Just my 15%


nadine said...

Randy, I heard your Ebay & Beyond podcast. Nice interview but the producer of the show really needs to work on the sound quality; the host's voice was twice as loud as yours, at least. This makes it hard to listen.

One question I've been meaning to ask you about the Best Match rejiggering that Ebay plans to introduce in September - is it intended to help auctions more than fp, or vice-versa? Could you get any understanding of what effect it will have? What I'm hearing so far has me confused.

nadine said...

Randy, one more question - with Ebay forbidding the solicitation of paper payments (20% of my business!), I've been looking into getting a merchant account to handle those customers who don't want a Paypal account. Some of the deals look equivalent to Paypal in fees but I don't have any experience with these companies. Any information you could share would be very welcome.

Randy Smythe said...


In theory the weighting of Best Match will depend on the category and on demand. If Fixed Price items are mmore successful for a search term then they will dominate, if auctions have greater demand then they will dominate.

My feeling is that Fixed Price will dominate but we will have to wait and see.

As for merchant accounts, I don't have a great deal to offer. At Glacier Bay we used

Anonymous said...

In theory the weighting of Best Match will depend on the category and on demand.

Heh heh, remember when they said this would be accomplished before rolling best match out sitewide.

They turned DSR's off for 3 days and sales skyrocketed in the niche categories hardest hit by best match.

So JD's theories are out the window... an endless stream of buyers can't make up for a lesser selection of categories.

You can only brag about your below-deck swimming facilites for so long before the tourists see it for what it is... a large gash in the side of the ship.

But hey- it's their sell-thru rate, they can cripple it if they want to.

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