Friday, July 25, 2008

Video Help for Sellers on Amazon.

Amazon has launched a video tutorial section on listing and selling through Amazon. It is available in your Amazon Seller Central account.

There are multiple videos on several different topics:
  • Set UpYour Account
  • ListInventory
  • ShipItems
  • IncreaseSales
  • DesignYourStore

You may not be able to view these unless your are logged into your Seller Central account.

Just my 12%


Henrietta said...

I read your blog not only because it is interesting and often amusing but because I learn from you. Thank you for your generosity in sharing.

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks Henrietta, I appreciate the kind words -- That is my goal.

Anonymous said...

hey Randy!

This post is unreleated but I didn't know how else to get a message to you.

As I write this, Sunday night, MSNBC is rerunning, for the MILLIONTH time, the ebay documentary that they first aired in summer 2005!!!!!!!!!!!! You remember it, "The Ebay Effect", shown worldwide.

MSNBC have NEVER stopped airing this special and all the data is SO completely out of date, it's ridiculous! Millions and millions of people have seen it now and fallen for the false propaganda! It's been running now for 3 years!

We longtime sellers live in our own ecommerce bubble, but complete innocents can still see the special, be intrigued, and go into ebay selling for the first time ever! You may have a story here, or at least a good subject for an article for your blog!

The original special, when debuted was highly rated. It featured a glowing puff-piece about Movie Magic USA, and the special made it look like anybody in the world could get rich selling dvds on ebay. When I first saw it, I felt nauseous, because I knew what was about to happen...

I'm a former dvd seller. My sales rep at one of my distributors told me that within 2 weeks, they had quite LITERALLY up to 200 new ebay dvd seller accounts-all just from viewing that special, all simply copying Movie Magic's model and of course, Movie Mars....I am not kidding you, this is true.

People think that MSNBC equals "news". This is very scary and depressing....

Randy Smythe said...


I've tried to reach CNBC several times regarding this and never get anywhere. I'm sure they are just just trying to get their money's worth from the production.

They really need to do an update because that piece is so outdated.

What's interesting about it is that the problems they bring up in 2005 have not been resolved.

tula said...

First, let me echo Henrietta. You have some of the best, most useful information around, Randy. Thank you!

With regards to CNBC's eBay special, the do the same thing with all of their special features. They repeat the ones on Wal-Mart and McDonald's just as often. I'd love to see them do one on Amazon, and definitely update the eBay one. It would be interesting to see the changes that would be evident in a new version of the "eBay Effect."

Randy Smythe said...

Hi Tula,

I've emailed CNBC again about this and I think I will try and push the issue through some of my contacts. They do need to produce a program about Amazon as well update those programs you mentioned.

I doubt I will be able to ahold of anybody there but i will give it the old college try.

Anonymous said...

When you look at their TV program schedule by day and time online, these programs only come up as, "msnbc documentaries". So who knows how many times these outdated shows have aired, they seem to just keep rotating the ones that get good ratings. Scary, that means people are still watching the ebay documentary in high enough numbers...