Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Twitter as a News Source!

For those of you who don't get Twitter, this morning was a perfect example of its value as a news source. This morning during a 5.4 earthquake in Southern California, twitter beat the Associated Press to the news.

According to the LA Times and the Twitter blog as spoon as the earthquake hit Twitter was a flutter of activity commenting about the earthquake. I was sitting at a local In&Out franchise when the earthquake hit and as soon as things settled down I was tweeting a way.

I use it as a source for info on stories that I am covering as well as keeping up with friends and readers. Right now I am following 109 different accounts and being followed by 208.

Sure, sometimes the conversation is a little mundane, but I get enough good information to make it worthwhile. It is an ideal tool for anybody who does business online, especially bloggers.

So, if you want to take the plunge follow me on Twitter. It make take some time to get used to it but when that next earthquake hits you will be glad.

Just my 12%


Stefan said...

Twitter's great - I got tweets about the quake before I even felt the shaking up here in Santa Barbara.

I still have no idea how they make any money though...

Randy Smythe said...


They don't make any money, hopefully somebody there will figure out how.

You felt the earthquake in Santa Barbara? Wow!

ms.pat said...

Typical california. I was at my exercise class this morning when it struck. We all went outside and waited for awhile - then went back in and finished the class...

Henrietta said...

Mundane huh?
and baseball to you too LOL

Anonymous said...

randy, there is a thread on the ebay search board today regarding the BM results for a search for "photograph". The results right now are quite risque! BM's finest hour! :)

Randy Smythe said...


BM was supposed to learn over time and improve but it has been the default now for 5 months, don't you think it would have improved a little by now.

Finding 2.0 is on its way next month, that combined with Best Match will not be pretty.