Monday, July 07, 2008

SellerDome Announces Top eBay Seller Rankings Now Available By Country

SellerDome announced in their blog today:

Separate rankings are now being published and updated daily for the following countries: The United States (top 200K), Germany (top 75K), The United Kingdom (top 50K), France (top 7.5K), Australia (top 10K) and Canada (top 7.5K). World-Wide rankings will still be published and will be the default rankings for

Take some time to see where your business is ranked.

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Anonymous said...

These lists are always interesting to see the sellers who are doing volume sales....but right off the bat, I counted several sellers in the top 100 who are living off the ebay crack/cash flow. Meaning, as you know, sellers who move alot of money around but don't actually get to keep any of it for themselves-no actual net profit.

In a fantasy world, it would great if a top 200 list was published indicating true NET profit achieved by ebay sellers...

Randy Smythe said...


When dealing with private companies you would never get them to reveal their actual financial information.

Those feedback numbers also have a lot to do with longevity.

Collier said...

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Andy Geldman said...

I agree with anonymous. The most common mistake small businesses make is underestimating their costs.

eBay makes it so easy to get into business that many fall into that trap - being busy isn't the same as being successful!

Anonymous said...

If you look at the top 1000 users based on FB you will see that all of them fall short when it comes to the DSRS. At ebay live we heard all about how lots of the top ebay users were getting large discounts based on great DSRs, is ebay talking about the same users on this list, with the top 10000 users barley making it over 4.5 on the S&H DSR.

If the top 10,000 users cannot hit the lofty ebay DSR goals, isnt there something wrong with ebays use of these statistics?

If buyers vote with their FB then it would seem that the top 10,000 users hold value to the buyers, but as far as ebay is concerned these sellers have alot to work on as they are not making the grade to even qualify to be PS anymore.

Melissa said...

This is very interesting! It would also be of interest if there was such a list of Amazon sellers.

Randy Smythe said...

Hi Melissa,

I'm sure that information is available but nobody has put together a website for it.

Feedback is more important to eBay sellers than it is to Amazon sellers.