Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Blog Utopia Stats - Q2 !

At some point this summer I will be switching over to Wordpress, so I'm hoping to see a bump in traffic from the SEO capabilities. I will probably not do anything fancy with the look.

So here are my Q2 stats for the blog, including Q/Q numbers:
  • 26,342 Visits - an increase of 7,983 over Q1
  • 38,367 Pageviews - an increase of 10,546 over Q1
  • 1.46 pages per visit a very slight decrease from Q1's 1.52
  • 02:17 Avg. time per visit down slightly from C1's 02:20 avg.
  • How visitors come to My Blog Utopia

    Referring Sites 10,511 (39.90%) traffic up from 6,603 in Q1
    Search Engines 8,550 (32.46%) traffic up from 6,673 in Q1
    Direct Traffic 7,281 (27.64%) traffic up from 5,080 in Q1

  • 58.28% of visitors visited more than 2 times during the quarter up from 53.19% in Q1.
  • 39.18% of visitors have visited more than 9 times during the quarter.
  • RSS Subscribers (at the end of the Quarter) - 288 active subscribers up from 224 in Q1 Here is the RSS subscriber trend from March 2007 to present.

  • Alexa Ranking - 313,161 up from 427,216 in Q1
  • Twitter Followers - 169 and I just started Twitter this quarter so I can't compare Q/Q

Thanks to all of my readers for helping me grow. If you haven't subscribed to my RSS feed you can do that in the sidebar and please follow me on Twitter as well.

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

Randy do you think the Jim Ambach's, Brian Burkes, Lorrie Norringtons, and John Donahue's of the world read your blog and visit this site?

Anonymous said...

"38,367 Pageviews - an increase of 10,546 over Q1"

Nice job! Glad to see all the BS going on at eBay is actually good for SOMEBODY'S business :)

Anonymous said...

I believe that eBay management reads this blog. The time and thought that goes into this blog is immense and much appreciated. There is so much drama going on with eBay, this blog has been blessed by the clarity gods and helps me focus on the issues. You provide very good information on other platforms (your Amazon. com seller programs and reviews are outstanding). Thanks.

ms.pat said...

I always check this blog. Randy, you try to untangle the lunacy going on within Ebay. Perhaps someday we'll all understand what in the world they are trying to do! LOL

Randy Smythe said...


Lorrie said she reads the blogs and My Blog Utopia is certainly one of the blogs.

I created the blog for online sellers, hopefully eBay managers tune-in every once in awhile.

Henrietta said...

I read you daily, I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing.

I too am going to move to wordpress and I am dreading it. First I have to figure out if it is better to put the blog in a subdomain or regular public html folder on my site from a SEO viewpoint. My research seems evenly split on the subject. Whatever I choose will unerringly be the wrong choice.

Lisa said...

I like your blog, Randy, because you don't bash; you instead give facts coupled with your opinion. It's all very constructive and informative. I very much hope JD and Lorrie and the gang are reading the blogs.

Snarky said...

While your Q/Q page volume looks good, the decline in pages per visit is a cause for worry.

Is My Blog Utopia doomed? If they continue the same trend I think so

Here's a tip for MBU managers:

Split off the blog. People who want the new Wordpress one can go there (though it should be under a new name)

and people who want to keep the current format can use "My Blog Utopia Classic" and allow it to flourish on its own

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks for the tip Snarky! Keep those posts coming they really do make my day.