Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is There an Echo in Here?

Sorry, if you've heard this rant before, but now that I know Lorrie Norrington reads "the blogs" every day, I figured I would give this one more try.

Dear Lorrie,

The quickest way to end the "seller noise" and move on with your plans for a "more retail" experience, is to break up the marketplace business. Buyers who want the traditional eBay experience will still gravitate to the Classic eBay, so driving traffic to that version of the site can be accomplished by a Tab on the home page, much the same as Motors works.

This gives you a high margin business that will grow organically, just roll back "Best Match" and keep some of the T&S controls in place; give small sellers their old feedback system back; kill DSR's and instantly the noise stops.

Plans for the "New eBay" can continue to roll forward and you can begin to exert more control on the marketplace -- this opens the door to faster growth, but at lower margins.

Then throw Store Owners a bone and let them use there stores to build a brand and list on the other two sites if they wish.

Sure, it may not be as simple as I've laid out and it might cost you more than you are willing to spend, but at least take some time to consider this.

If you continue to keep all of this together on one site, you will end up making a site that doesn't work for anybody and the noise will continue.

Just think how much more effective you would be if sellers were working with you rather than against you.

Just my 12%

Just my 12%


Lorrie said...

Great ideas Randy, thanks!

I'll talk to John about this and we should have these proposed changes in place by Q3!

Keep up the good work and remember, "We're here to have fun!"

- Lorrie

Randy Smythe said...

Fake Lorrie,

I almost spit up my drink reading that comment, thanks for making my day.

If it were ony that easy :)

Henrietta said...

Who do I sue for injuries incurred falling off my chair?

Seriously, if that happened I would spend the next three months loading listings into TL. I would not abandon the alternative venues I have migrated to, I would do both.

If all this carp had not happened I would have been checking my Christmas purchases into inventory this month. Instead I severely curtailed buying this year.

Ah well.

Tony P. said...

Hi Lorrie,

I have a problem - my B&M store is full. COMPLETELY! This past weekend I bought over $1700 of old Clutter at an estate auction and loaded it into Tote boxes. Put the Totes on top of the old Coke icebox in the back, cuz I have NO ROOM to set anything out.

The B&M store is doing OK, but nothing like the manner in which ebay can help to clean out the Clutter! Guess I need to list some things, but just don't have the motivation. Ya know? Currently, ebay is about as much Fun as a toothache.

Tell ya what, ex-shopping.com gal, why dontcha listen to Randy and just Do It. Give all of us Clutter sellers the ebay Classic we want. I can promise to list all of my Clutter and some of it might bring a few hundred $$$.

No, it won't be 100,000 items that sell for $2 each - I deal in Quality Clutter, only the very best of old crap! More like 1,000 items that sell for $25-$500 each. Hey, my stuff might sell for more than Mr. Mega-seller - who'd a thunk it?!

What ya say, Lorrie? Sound like a good deal, or what? Just open the site up and get the hell outta our way. Real simple. Please post back if'n you need some help with understanding "Real simple". :-)

ms.pat said...

All I can say is if I was having a new home built I would want the building materials to be as dense as the thinking of those ebay suits! It would last forever - never a thought or anything smart to say but it would stand there dumbly....forever!


nadine said...

Just think how much more effective you would be if sellers were working with you rather than against you.

If the real Lorrie could think like that, they would be working on a completely different plan. They think of ebay sellers as addicts or noisemakers. They don't think sellers ever 'worked with them' or had anything to do with the success of the site. No, its success was entirely due to Ebay management.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that Norrington "reads" "the blogs" as well as she "listens" to sellers.

Anonymous said...

How difficult would it be for eBay to limit their big box retail sellers to Express, and then promote that as the place to find "new in-season" merchandise, leaving 'classic' eBay alone?

Randy Smythe said...

Maybe Lorrie reads the blogs like buyers read listings :)

When they originally talked to me about Express in Dec of 2005 that is what I thought they were going to do, unfortunately that never happened.

I think that would be the quickest way to make my idea happen. Make Express a FVF only platform.

The problem is they would need to spend money on Marketing to get the demand up. eBay doesn't like to spend money.

That's really why they wouldn't ever use my idea. It would require them to spend money, but a little investment now would pay big dividends later on IMO.