Tuesday, July 08, 2008

IMA Threatens to Shut Down Bloggers

I was just going to let this whole IMA story die a natural death. Many other bloggers have been covering the story, so I've only touched on it here and there, but now I read over at Scott Pooler's blog that IMA President Steve Grossman is threatening to sue bloggers who have posted information they have obtained from the IMA forums.

I contacted IMA for an official response regarding this controversy, prior to this news that IMA would go after bloggers and received an email from Mr. Grossberg. I will post that response here in its entirety:

"I have not read any blogs or forums and therefore cannot answer as to what the cause is for those and what will be done. I can say the board of IMA has always acted with integrity and with the best interests of the organization in mind, and consistent with our by-laws and Florida state law for non profits and will continue to act this way now and inthe future.

We are aware of some members who are leading a charge for supporting an action that is most likely not consistent with our by-laws or Florida state laws. Unfortunately it appears some our members do not fully understand IMA is a legal entity, and is a non profit corporation and the board of directors has a duty to ensure we are operating within these laws. Ultimately the board is the ones who were elected and responsible for all business affairs of the organization and we have a moral and legal responsibility to our members and the organization and its assets and to see legal advice to protect the same if they ever come under attack.

Steven C Grossberg

This whole issue apparently began with a disagreement between an IMA member (Debbie Levitt, CEO of AsWas) and Steve Grossberg, President of IMA on the IMA forums. It snowballed into something completely different, with IMA board members resigning and then airing their grievances on various blogs and then threats from membership to go to the Florida State Attorney General with their issues. Now with this reported threat by Mr. Grossberg to go after bloggers, it takes this all to a new level.

This just keeps getting more interesting by the day. I'll continue following it and keep you updated with any new information and certainly will let you know if MyBlogUtopia gets sued.

Well, since I am not a member of IMA, I've had no access to their forums, but I certainly have access to those "offending" blogs and have linked to some of their stories.

What started out as being a story of interest to maybe 200 people, has snowballed into a real news story, if IMA actually goes through with their threat to shut down bloggers.

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

This Grossberg guy sounds like a complete idiot. And does he really expect us to believe he is not reading "the blogs" on an hourly basis. Hehehe, really.

Debbie Levitt said...

Didn't Steve comment this morning in Pooler's blog? How can he NOT be reading them when hours ago he was COMMENTING in them?

Anonymous said...

Funny, in the forum he repeatedly says the information on the blogs isn't true - how would he know if he isn't reading them? Just today he said he doesn't read much of it. He's a liar from the word go and has been forever, it's just nice that members are finally seeing through it.

REJOICE Music said...

Randy - I read your blog quite often and really do like to hear your take on various issues. Keep up the good work!

I also appreciate that you stood back and let this whole ungodly mess unwind and evolve before responding! Rather than post (and post and post) about speculation and accusations, you stood back and let the whole crazy thing get explained by the participants themselves (Debbie's blog is really great!)who could provide the most accurate information.

tula said...

Good grief! And these guys are supposed to be a professional business organization? They're acting like a bunch of third-graders fighting over toys during recess. It certainly doesn't inspire much confidence in them. I wouldn't pay a cent to join an organization that is run this way.

Anonymous said...

Third graders indeed... Bunch of amateurs pretending to be a real organization. It's a joke. I was considering joining a few weeks ago actually until a) I saw steve's website, which looks like it was designed by a third grader, and b) all of this stuff happened. They all sound like a bunch of pathetic politicians.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sue them. Then the information can be submitted to the court as part of an affadavit and become public record. Great plan, Steve Grossman!

LankBadly said...

"This just keeps getting more interesting by the day."

No it doesn't. Save the drama for obama

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