Monday, July 07, 2008

IMA (Internet Merchants Association) Implodes!

Full-disclosure - I am a member of ECMTA (Ecommerce Merchants Trade Association) which is associated with PeSA and this post is entirely my opinion.

With the recent news hitting the blogs, about troubles within IMA, I've gone back and forth deciding whether to comment or not. I do not have any inside information on the organization or the troubles they are currently facing. I am getting my information from the same sources you are.
  • From Auctionbytes - Tensions Flare at eBay IMA Trade Group
  • From Debbie Levitt, President of AsWas and a central figure in the controversy - My IMA Experience
  • Scott Pooler, of the Trading Assistant Journal has been covering the story and has several posts.
  • I've searched the Internet and as yet have not seen an official response from IMA. Perhaps there have been announcements made to IMA members but the last entry on the IMA blog was from June 10th and there is no official statement from IMA leadership.

Now for my 12%: I have little experience with trade associations beyond my membership in ECMTA and for the most part I believe that issues like the ones coming to the surface with IMA should be handled in-house among existing members, but now that the story is outside the walls of the organization, it is imperative that IMA leaders release a statement.

The longer they wait to publicly comment on this story, the more damage it will create. The value of IMA as an organization, decreases with every moment they delay.

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Debbie Levitt said...

Wow I never thought I'd agree with you. :)

But you're right... the more the IMA delays in any response or statement, the worse they look.