Monday, July 14, 2008

I Heart the NY Times!

I spoke with Brad Stone of the NY times last week regarding the deal with eBay and then kind of put it out of my head, because I wasn't sure when the piece would run. So when I checked my stats this morning, I was quite surprised to see nearly a whole days worth of visitors -- before 7:30 AM PST.

The power of the press! My little blog about ecommerce is mentioned in the print version of the NY Times as well as linked from the online version. So now I feel I must write something profound to keep all of those visitors coming back.

If you are new to MyBlogUtopia please take some time to look around. I've even brought back some of my best posts for you to get caught up:

And I'll even throw in a little Amazon to mix things up.

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Just my 12%


Cliff said...

Big congratulations to you, Randy, this was really impressive.

I would think this had to be your top link in, all I was thinking of was the traffic coming from that little link when I saw it!

I really don't think you can squeeze out a finer grade of Blog Juice than this cup!

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks Cliff! Traffic is way up today.

Who said old media is dead. The NY Times still has huge impact.

Teckwave said...

I'm the technology seller mentioned in the article. I'd like to thank Randy for recommending me to Brad from the NYT.

Following Randy's advise I've diversified marketplaces over the last couple of years. eBay is now only 40% of my business. Parly due to the drop in sales mentioned in the article, but mostly because I've been able to grow my website and Amazon sales.

I tried to emphasize that I understand eBay managements responsiblity to shareholders. That aggregating large retailers accross the net to leverage eBay's marketplace traffic is a quite valid strategy. It may be more profitable than dealing with many small sellers.

I would like to urge all sellers to make sure they are properly diversified as Randy suggests.

I have been working recently on platforming the software that runs my website, ebay, amazon, and google accounts. It should be ready soon and I'm hoping it will help many of you diversify properly without breaking the bank. said...

Congratulations! I found my way here from a post on an affiliate website that mentioned your eBay & Buynow agreement.

You never know when one little article gets you "discovered."

I left a comment in your "pissed off" post about affiliates being pissed at eBay. I posted under the name, "Grinderguy."

Maybe you can do a post about eBay allowing the big boys to go against their own TOS. This includes a number of them. Not only Auctiva, but those offering eBay "toolbars," as well.

Best of luck in the future!

Randy Smythe said...


Can you email me with more details on the affilaite issues. rksmythe at yahoo.