Wednesday, July 02, 2008

eBay Should Offer Golden Parachutes to Sellers.

I was just sitting here enjoying an adult beverage, when the something occurred to me; since eBay managers want to weed out a certain number of sellers to even out supply and get rid of the baddies, why not offer them a "golden parachute".

Golden parachutes work for corporations to whittle down headcounts for those close to retirement, so they can be replaced with less expensive, less cranky, less stuck in their ways employees, why can't eBay offer sellers something similar. They could take an accounting charge of some sort, during the 3rd quarter and offer a package to those sellers who are past their prime (in their eyes) none of you sellers are passed your prime.

Of course they shouldn't pay the real bad sellers anything, but I'm not sure they really know who the bad sellers are.

Anyway, I've spent maybe 15 minutes thinking about this so if it is a good idea, remember I brought it up and if it's a bad idea, it was the beer.

Of course you all know this wouldn't happen, but I enjoyed and afterall it is My Blog Utopia.

Just for fun, what would it take for you to walk away from eBay?

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

There you have it kids. Take this as a lesson:

Never Drink and Blog.

Randy Smythe said...

And that post was only after two beers.

ms.pat said...

Well, since there doesn't seem to be many buyers (at least not in my category) - it sure won't take much for me to walk away completely. As it stands right this minute...I have nothing listed on Ebay :-) Which is okay cause my website is doing just fine and I plan to beef up my Etsy store. I think by the time Ebay figures out it made a mistake most of the good sellers will already be gone. Do you think they'll ever get their collective heads out of their .....!

Henrietta said...

What would it take?

Messing with the feedback
Decreasing fees 60% upwards
Deceptive DSRs
Micromanagement of MY business
Best Match
No customer service
Being called a bad seller & Noise
High shrinkage risk because eBay tells buyers how to scam sellers

My golden parachute is called

Henrietta said...

Was 'biblical donkey' the word you were looking for Ms Pat?

Think I will go make DH a mojito to celebrate with the Aussies

Andy Geldman said...

I need to get some of that beer!

Must be powerful stuff.

Scott Fillmer said...

yep, I would say this is pretty far fetched, ebay can't even KEEP sellers, and with their new feedback rules and shipping policies I have never seen a company try so hard to shot themselves in the foot over and over again, but no golden anything anymore on ebay, just my $.01 :)

Randy Smythe said...


It was the combination of two beers and wanting to have some fun with a post.

It's clear I should drink and blog.

permacrisis said...

No, but hubbout this:

With your Ebay classic: To sell, you gotta put up XXX dollars. But for those dollars you get part ownership. Not for profit (that's what selling on ebay is for) --but to keep the Megs and Donahoes away for life. Like a mutual insurance company. Make ebay back into a trading post.

Remember it was the EMPLOYEES who bailed out Harley Davidson after the bowling ball people, AMF, almost sunk them.

Tony P. said...

After the Golden Rain that ebay has tinkled... er, sprinkled over the sellers' heads, a Golden Umbrella would be more in line.

Just for fun, what would it take for you to walk away from eBay?

A public flogging simply jumped into my mind!

Then, afterwards, I'd stay on the site. That would be me getting away with telling a lie, which I would also require, to walk away from ebay (but I still wouldn't).

If that doesn't make sense, have another beer. See? It's getting clearer, right?


Anonymous said...

What would it take? Well, if eBay would reimburse me for all the fees I paid them YTD, I'd leave and never look back. But since they won't do that, it goes back to your post a couple months ago about being addicted to the "crack"