Monday, July 14, 2008

eBay Prevails in Tiffany Lawsuit!

According to Reuters this morning, "EBay Inc, scored a major court victory on Monday when a federal judge ruled that Tiffany & Co had failed to prove the online auctioneer was responsible for the sale of fake Tiffany jewelry on its site."

This is the only reference I could find that there was a ruling in the case. eBay sure could use a win in this case after losing two cases (LVMH and Hermes) in France and having to backtrack on PayPal only in Australia.

Update: The eBayInk blog just posted regarding this.
Further Update: Here is the link to the courts decision in pdf format .

Just my 12%


ms.pat said...

As if they weren't pompous and arrogant enough! Tiffany deserved restitution in this one. Don't know what the judge was thinking.

Stefan said...

This is actually pretty epic, I think the judge was right and I don't think eBay should be held solely responsible here. Partly at fault? Perhaps. But not solely.

This case sets a big precedent for (likely) similar future cases in the US

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