Wednesday, July 02, 2008

eBay Backs Down in Australia - No PayPal Only!

Richard at eBay Ink just posted the news. No need for me to comment, just link over to eBayInk to get the scoop.

Just my 12%


bonni said...

EBay is expressing regret? Uhm, only regret that they have to back down.

EBay can express all the regrets they want, but they’re still pulling listings where the seller states that they prefer bank deposit or they prefer cash on pickup or anything other than “We prefer PayPal RAH RAH!”

I think the damage has been done. Time will tell on this one, but it’s going to take some pretty spectacular magic being pulled out of Simon Smith’s… hat… to bring people back around to eBay.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like eBay won anyway as PayPal is still a required option that no seller can remove.

I love what this listing said: Quite daring...

Anonymous said...

Wow-- you go, jo-zeitgeist!!!


(but only 'cuz Randy turned it down)

Tony P. said...

This is a perfect time to repeat something I'd read a while back. It bears being stated in RBH's blog, but has a nil-chance of making it into the comments section. ;-)

Google Checkout: according to a posting by a Google techie, ebay's manner of payment for all those Adwords they used to buy from Google...

... is thru Google Checkout. In fact, everyone that bought, or currently buys Adwords, does so thru the GCO system.

So much for that "no track record" excuse by ebay! Flimsy, at best.

Randy Smythe said...


This is the part of their LVMH response that cracks me up:

"We believe that the overreach manifests itself through an attempt to impose, in France, a business model that restricts consumer choice through an anti-competitive business practice."

So Google Checkout being accepted on eBay isn't a restriction of consumer choise through an anti-competitive business practice.

What happens when Amazon has their own payment service? They certainly have a track record.

Ali said...

I think we should expect to see discounts that are tied to using Paypal in the future as a work-around the Paypal only policy.

It is also possible that subsequent fees increases will exempt users that offer Paypal only.

Anonymous said...

As a buyer. I never had a paypal account. I ALWAYS used money order or Credit Card.
The only technique I ever used was sniping to get an item I really wanted.
I have 100% positive, and dealt with everyone honestly. Even though in my opinion all that feedback crap is childish nonsense.
Now as a buyer I can't use eBay at all, because all their listings are paypal only.

I sympathize with the Sellers. Not only are you a sitting duck waiting for a chargeback, now you lost a lot of potential bidders like me who are looking for musical instruments like guitars and bass's, musical electronic rack effects, PA, wires, computers, etc.., dolls, and antiques and other obscure stuff.

It's truly a travesty. And although I have tried using alternatives like and others, I notice that god damned paypal in a lot of the stuff I want.

Paypal is not my pal. If I could figure out how to proxy paypal so it wouldn't screw up my real world finances, I might get a paypal account, but as many here have already said, ebay does a good job of covering up any relevant information that would be useful to protect yourself.

The last thing I bought was a killer BASS guitar in august. I have been scrubbing the net ever since HATING what eBay has done. I hear they plan to get rid of the Auctions next and only have BUY IT NOW BUTTONS! What's the point!?

Since my last purchase. The BASS Guitar, I have found only the following alternatives. Many are broken, not very diverse, outright too focused or just lame. eCrater seems to be my main alternative. GOD I HATE THIS!
webidz auctions wa
yahoo shopping auctions
TAM the
sams club
mighty bids MB