Monday, July 28, 2008

Check Your eBay Traffic Reports!

I've been hearing that traffic from Microsoft's Live Search has been rising as a referrer for eBay Store sellers, in some case's moving up just behind Google in traffic. I just wanted to ask guys if you are seeing the same thing.

Live, recently launched "Cashback" through their search engine, so it would make sense that traffic would be up, but the big question would be; are sales up? The searcher only gets "CashBack" after a purchase, but can earn up to 25% on some eBay purchases.

It would be interesting to test the traffic coming from Live, by identifying a few items in your store inventory to fine-tune for CashBack search and then tracking the conversion of those items. I'm not sure if Omniture provides that capability though.

To conduct this test, go to Live's Cashback site and search on your items. Check out how you compare with the other merchants and optimise your listing to be very competitive, then track you sales of those items. You will also want to run the test where your items are priced fairly but still within the top 3 or 4 listings, to see what the price threshold is.

Remember eBay is paying those buyers to buy your item so why not give it a try.

If you can, please let me know how the test worked.

Just my 12%


ms.pat said...

Don't know about the other categories but in Arts, sales are flat and hits are way down.

Gary said...

I haven't checked regarding where the traffic is coming from, but my eBay store sales are up between 500% and 600% over the last 30 days.

I wrote about this increase two weeks ago and I'm still seeing it.

Jeff said...

Glassware and pottery sales are in the toilet. Sales are off 65% as compared to last years sales at the same time.

Jeff S said... brings me 3% of the traffic Google does. This is a notable rise, but maybe a better, more notable trend (share of traffic) will develop over time.

Randy Smythe said...

It looks like Live is moving up the list on many sellers traffic reports. I really would like to track conversions somehow.

roz*e said...

Traffic has been up down. When traffic goes dead I search for clues. I just noticed this morning (while checking browsing & search results) BIN items were showing separate from auction items. Usually the default is "all items" (tabs on the upper left side of the pages) which shows both auction and BIN's on core. This A.M the default was "auctions". I guess eBay is getting ready to separate auction items from BIN items.

Randy Smythe said...


Could you email me the search you were doing so I can look into this?

Or just post it in the comments section of this post. My email is rksmythe at yahoo


Anonymous said...

re: search

they have been changing and tweeking daily for months now. We get different results from computer to computer, fom signed in vrs signed out, from old search and the new opt in trial. I have seen best match off and items showing in ending times first, I have seen all bins at top, I have seen all bins at top of search and in lowest to highest price order, and I have seen as of 2-3 weeks ago on all searches that free shipping is the only way to be in the first 30 items. I believe that free shipping and multiple qty fixed BIN's will be the favored listings and thus the way to go.

I do at least 10-12 searches for our items daily. This is a terrible waste of my time but since we are the guinnea pigs in this experiment, there is no choice.

--from a continually frustrated Titanium Powerseller