Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ChannelAdvisor Acquires RichFX

Sorry about just posting the press release but I'm getting ready to board my flight to Seattle and I didn't have time to come up with my 12% on the acquisition. Here goes:

ChannelAdvisor today announces the acquisition of RichFX, a leader in the rich media image space, to further round out its portfolio of e-commerce management solutions. With over 10 million rich media assets served a day, RichFX has delivered hosted rich media solutions to the world's leading multi-channel merchants since 1997.

Now in addition to offering a full complement of solutions for merchandising to online marketplaces, comparison shopping and search engines, ChannelAdvisor offers the myRichFX hosted rich media platform. This enterprise-scale platform integrates scalable infrastructure, robust imaging applications and expert support services to help retailers implement effective rich media that sells across all their channels.

ChannelAdvisor’s new myRichFX platform is the foundation of an entire suite of rich media tools that allows retailers to create a broad range of rich media including:

  • Image solutions including resize, product zoom and color swatching
  • Personalization including product configurators
  • Catalog and circular solutions

To learn more about how the new myRichFX platform complements ChannelAdvisor’s multi-channel management offerings, register now to attend this informative webinar.

I did have time to read Scot Wingo's blog post about the acquisition and found some examples of the use of RichMedia:

This is just a sampling of the solutions ChannelAdvisor will now be able to offer.

Just my 12%

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Andy Geldman said...

Thanks for the examples Randy!

I am a bit disappointed by them - I was expecting at least rotating product images, not a rather unexciting zoom feature.

I wonder if CA bought RichFX as much for their client base as their technology?