Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cafepress Acquires ImageKind.com

According to TechCrunch Cafepress has acquired ImageKind for a reported $15 to $20 million. For those of you unfamiliar with CafePress or ImageKind, here is a brief description of each business from Crunchbase.com:
  • "Based in Foster City, CA, Cafepress.com allows its users to independently create and sell a wide variety of products on the web. By allowing individual sellers to set up free “shops” within their domain, Cafepress makes it easy for artists and designers to sell their goods online. Over 2.5 million independent shops have been opened on Cafepress since its opening in 1999."
  • "Imagekind is an online marketplace for art. It has disrupted the world of art through democratization, by returning control of the global marketplace to the artists who can showcase and sell their work on its site. Imagekind allows the artist to build online galleries, set their own prices, keep profits and even collect commissions. In addition, Imagekind allows anyone to discover their inner artist through the “create path” which allows customers to upload their favorite pictures or piece of child art and turn it into a framed masterpiece or a museum-quality print on canvas. Imagekind is the world’s first community to serve as a hybrid online art gallery, photo-sharing and a print-on-demand service...."

This combination looks like a great opportunity for artists that are part of Imagekind to now have access to the Cafepress marketplace.

When I read this, I thought about my faithful reader ms.pat who is an artist; perhaps this combined company will create a great marketplace opportunity for those eBay sellers in the art category.


ms.pat said...

Thanks for mentioning me Randy. I have a shop on Cafepress but never had much time to work on it. I also have large prints available on Imagekind. I hope the combination will bring more traffic to imagekind. I would love to be able to sell more prints ;-)

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