Monday, July 14, 2008

Amazon Seller Conference is this Weekend!

Everybody calls it the Amazon Seller Conference, even though Amazon does not really sponsor it; executives do attend though. It runs this weekend in Seattle from the 18th through the 21st.

I'm looking forward to networking with a whole different group of sellers and vendors than I'm used to; though I'm sure I will see some old pals. Kevin Harmon from will be there so it will be good to catch up with him.

From what I gather this conference is nothing like eBay Live and is a more traditional style conference similar to the ChannelAdvisor Catalyst or other industry meetings. Everybody is there to see how they can improve their business and there is an added bonus of getting a tour of Amazon's headquarters -- Hopefully Jeff Bezos will say hello.

If you cannot attend, but have questions you need answers to, please email me or post your questions in the comment section. I am flying up on the 16th to see my brother and his family, but I will certainly be blogging from the conference.

Oh I will also be sharing some info on my buy back site and selling through FBA.
Just my 12%


Jim S. said...

Randy, I tried selling on Amazon but couln't make it work because of their requirement for a UPC code to add a new item to their product catalog (which which most of my manufacturers do not have on their products). And, I could not get a response to multiple inquiries to eBay about an expemtion from this requirement (that some other sellers apparently have). Can you find out if it's possible to get an exemption and if so, how?

Randy Smythe said...


This is a problem for a lot of sellers and I will see if I can get an answer for you.


Anonymous said...

UPC code exemption. I have been trying to get someone to respond for over 4 months now. Once I got a phone call assuring me that someone would contact me. No one ever did.

It is a scam. you apply but No One ever responds to you.

so do not waste your time. Amazon should take down that UPC code exemption off their website.

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