Monday, June 16, 2008

This is a Great Buyer Experience!

I just checked my Amazon feedback to see if there were any interesting comments. I just passed 1,000 feedback over 6 months, so I'm still a long way away from Glacier Bay's 265,000 feedback but its a start.

I just received the following feedback from a customer:

My double-CD arrived with a broken jewel case spool. A prompt reply with a credited discount to cover replacement costs keeps this vendor in the "Excellent" bracket. Good customer support is vital and they came through.

Now, I don't inventory any items that have a broken case, so this must have happened in transit and had the customer actually contacted me, I would have taken care of this for them, but because I ship using FBA, Amazon handles all of my customer service. I didn't even know there was a problem until I read the customers feedback. In fact I don't get any emails from customers.

So, in this customers eyes, I came through in a big way, even though it was Amazon's customer service that handled the whole thing for me.

With Amazon FBA, I get world class fulfilment and customer service for a very affordable price.


Cliff said...

Thanks Randy, this is good to hear. I've wondered what would happen in such a situation. As a long-time Amazon customer I know basically all you have to do is email your complaint and they'll give you whatever you're asking for, but it's nice to see they're handling our stuff the same way.

Of course if the customer hadn't bothered to write you could have gotten hammered without it being your fault, but luckily this one did.

ms.pat said...

LOL that's exactly the type of service you'll never get at Ebay. They'll rake in the money and leave you hanging and then punish you for it. I've been buying on Amazon for many years - in fact I used to sell on Amazon way back when they had auctions. I've had one problem with a seller and Amazon not only called me about it but their first words were "don't worry, we stand ready to refund your money." That all came about when a book I ordered was over 5 weeks late and I asked the seller when he mailed it - what I got back was an extremely rude answer where he accused me of receiving it and wanting my money back too! So, I put in a complaint with amazon, left my phone number and within 15 minutes their customer service dept. called and straightened out the whole mess. As luck would have it I cancelled the refund because two days later my book came. I was SO impressed with their service!

Randy Smythe said...

Cliff, yeah, I've had that happen when a customer jumps the gun and negs me before they contact CS, but that happens so seldom.

I think I'm going to update my terms of service to really encourage customers to contact CS.

I don't even know what Amazon offered them becasue they didn't charge me anything.

Randy Smythe said...


If eBay adopted this type of CS for their buyers they would be back on top of the world, but they don't like to spend money. And the cost doesn't shake out in an ROI calculation. Yet they want small sellers with limited resources to offer this type of CS.

a_luddite said...

hi, we do hundreds of FBA per day and i'm sure there are good days like your posted feedback but have a laugh at these negative feedbacks we received for FBA orders and amazon refused to remove them:

Amazon has given me nothing but grief as I have STILL not received my books and was credited the wrong amount so Amazon is also stealing my money. I have never had such bad service

I did not have a problem with the book Three Cups.., but big problem with another order sold by Another package containing the book A Course in Miracles and a yoga DVD by Shiva Rea never arrives at my address. There is no way for me to track this with UPS, and has not given me any feedback why they took the money from me and never send me the goods. Bad service of Amazon

I never received my book, but I was charged for it. I contacted Amazon Customer Service and they were very nice, but they said I would need to contact the third party seller about shipping information. I contacted the seller and he said there was nothing he could do and that Amazon was in charge of shipping. I was very disappointed with this seller and I will be disputing the charge on my card.
(the amazon csr had no clue about FBA and would receive new training)

My book was not packaged properly to insure being manhandled by the postoffice. Lower corners of both front and back and the spine were crushed in. No time to search out another copy; since it didn't come from Amazon they were unwilling to replace it. I gave the gift anyway, but with a large degree of discomfort and disappointment.

Best price for new item. But poor packing of a heavy book. Therefore, the book arrived damaged. Could have been avoided if seller would have taken more care when preparing the item for shipment.
(item returned for refund)

we feel that we should not receive neg fb for clear amazon errors, how bout you?

Randy Smythe said...


I do agree that sellers should not receive negative feedback if the problem was caused by Amazon but unfortunatley Amazon doesn't feel the same way.

It really hurts when you are just starting out but after you get enough Feedback everything evens out.

I think eventually they will address this, but who knows. It isn't high on their list.