Monday, June 16, 2008

Something's Not Right in DSRville

I received an email the other day, from a seller who noticed a recent 30% drop in sales on one of their accounts. According to their Seller Dashboard the search status was lowered but their FB was 98% their 30 day DSR's were all 4.8 or higher

They called their TSAM and were told that they had a few buyers give them 1 or 2s on their DSRs so eBay lowered their items in the search. She said there were 14 ratings showing 1s or 2s for the past 30 days. Well, as you can imagine, the seller was a little miffed since their DSRs were at the required level for search advantage.

The TSAM claimed that the seller has so many good ones [DSRs] that it cancels out the bad ones, but by eBay's standards they have too many 1s and 2s, so that's why they were lowered.
When the seller asked where it was defined that x number of 1s and 2s was considered to be too many she said it was not.

I've been waiting for a response from eBay but up to this point have heard nothing. If the policy states that 4.8 DSRs get you advantaged in "Best Match" then it should not matter the number of 1s or 2s. The vast majority of customers were happy. What concerns me is that eBay keeps moving the goal posts for sellers. If this is the new policy then their needs to be more transparency about who is giving 1s and 2s and we all know that ain't happening.

This Cartoon says it all. In case you couldn't tell who's who: eBay is Lucy and Sellers are Charlie.

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David said...

Since buyers cannot receive negative feedback, DSR's should not count into your buyer satisfaction rating. If a Buyer (who now has no fear of retaliatory feedback) really wants to punish you, he'd leave you a neg.

The main issue I always had with buyer dissatisfaction and the non performing seller policy was that they included INR disputes.

In about 700-800 transactions a month, only about 500 of them would leave feedback. Of those 500 I'd get about 2-4 Paypal INR claims a month which usually involved idiots giving me their old address, or not picking up their package at the post office. A few times a year I'd even get a customer who didn't want the item anymore so he'd file with paypal and refuse the item.

Right there 1% of my buyer satisfaction rating was chopped off.

Anonymous said...

The stupidity that is Ebay marches on. What else is new?

Anonymous said...'s 2 DSRs for shipping time and shipping charges have never, ever, ever fallen below 4.8%.

Sure, they have way more customer support than the average ebay seller, but we all know their inventory is primarily virtual.

After a month, when an ebay seller does that volume and your inventory is mostly virtual, keeping a daily 4.8% on the bottom 2 DSRs is just not possible.

So far, I've test ordered 3 items from Buy's ebay store. So far, ZERO fill for 3 tries (and no, they weren't moratorium/out of print titles when I made the orders).

Ebay isn't going to ever let Buy's DSRs dip below 4.8%...

I don't have a tin hat. But I've been a large seller on ebay for too many years to believe what I'm seeing with Buy's DSRs.

How long do you think before ebay announces that they have aquired the same way the aquired and Paypal?


Randy Smythe said...

Stephen, yeah I think the DSRs are pure fiction but I can't get anybody to admit it.

As for eBay buying I don't see that in the short-term but may be an option down the road.

If they left eBay alone and then bought to be their Fixed price marketplace I might be able to get behind that idea.

But they don't think that way.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt ebay is already quickly removing "unfair" fb from buy. This is JD's big test case and Buy is going to get the DSR's ebay wants.

permacrisis said...

Randy do you think it is possible that a scenario is evolving in which even a seller the size of Glacier Bay isn't big enough to stay here?

How would GB have fared strictly speaking DSR's? What clout could you have brought to bear.

Nowadays do you think you guys could have cut a deal?

Anonymous said...

our main selling account was demoted (disadvantaged in search, ie: does not come up on any search) due to 39 1 and 2 dsr's. (according to our TSAM) They were enough to go past the 2% BDR (buyer disatisfaction rate). We sell $500,000 a month. Out of 900 fb's in last 30 days, we had 5 negs and 6 neutrals. our fees were $40,000 plus $9000 to paypal for May. We now are selling on our secondary account, ( created years ago as a back up) then ebay limited our account to $75,000 a month. After pleading, they have now allowed $300,000 but our breakeven is at $400,000. We are now faced with shutting our operation as we are dependant on the ebay crack and cant easily achieve that volume else where to support our 13 employees. the bar is set so high, only perfection could keep us in business, doesnt help that the nature of our business is troublesome from a customer service point of view. In fear of retribution from ebay for complaining, I must stay anonymous.
-- a titanium powerseller and account since 1999. ebay is losing me and could care less.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, you are not alone. I know that provides very little comfort.

eMail me I will keep your identity private.

rksmythe at yahoo

Randy Smythe said...


With the new eBay mangement Glacier Bay would be in the same exact place as Annonymous is.

eBay management has absolutely no faith in any eBay sellers and they want to bring in the retailers to show us the way.

Anonymous said...

So if you get a neurtal/neg and a 1 or 2 does it count once or 5x??

ebay is full of s$$$$!!!

David said...

Here is a big part of the problem.

I don't think anybody realized the significance of the Non Performing Seller Policy when it was rolled out last year.

In January Jim Ambach announced that if somebody left a "1 or 2" on any attribute they were considered a "dissatisfied customer"

I don't know how anybody can stay above 98%. If 1 out of 48 buyers leave you a 2 on shipping and handling charges you are below 98%; If 1 out of 18 buyers leave you a 2 on Shipping & Handling charges you are below 95%

The people making these decisions, many of them have never spent any money on postage, other than a 42 cent stamp that was used to pay bills.

How many buyers are even aware of the Zone based USPS rates that were introduced 5 years ago?

It cost $8.25 to send a 2 pound Priority mail package from California to New York: How many buyers know this? I bet if you took 50 of them at least a few of them would give you a 1 or 2.

David said...

I have a few questions about "Best Match"

Does "Best Match" really improve the buying experience?

Is "Best Match" sorting based on relevance or DSR's & Buyer Satisfaction ratings?

The other day I did a search for a Jimmy Page Les Paul guitar. The top search results were T Shirts for a Jimmy Page Les Pauls, a Jimmy Page Les Paul wiring kit, etc..

The actual guitars were on the bottom.

I don't see how this is improving the "buyer experience"

If somebody has poor feedback, put the relevant stuff on top, and I can make my own decisions regarding the sellers reputation.

rich said...

I'd love to see some of the seller DSR rating information get subpoenaed in a class action suit. Bet it isn't kept on record. They've probably got all their bases covered. This whole FB thing is so deceitful IMHO. But, who's to know?

ms.pat said...

I think what makes this DSR system so unfair, one-sided and outright obnoxious is that it is ebay imposing these "high standards" yet they themselves fail miserably to have much in the way of "standards" at all. Its like some derelict no-gooder telling you how you should act!