Friday, June 20, 2008

Now Down to Business!

Changes are called improvements. There's that "not always easy" statement again. I think we can all agree that buyers want a great experience and sellers want buyers, great buyers.

They are making the case for the aggregate or the right changes for the whole community. Root out the minority of people who are doing the wrong thing on eBay

She's once again says that sellers are customers. Now more announcements that we've already heard.

Seller protection, all addresses are confirmed address and International shipping. All "eligible" transactions are covered for sellers.

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ms.pat said...

I sit back in my old age and ponder if I have run across anything this big, this bold and this downright, can't think of a thing to top ebays destruction of their own business. There's no doubt they need to get rid of frauds and scammers - both buyers and sellers but for the life of me I cannot see this huge ball of rules and restrictions cleaning out even one bad seller or bringing even one buyer back to the site. All, in all - and I've given it a great deal of though - its nothing but a big crock of **** and soon its going to overflow and smell up the whole place!