Monday, June 02, 2008

Marketplace Roll-Call!

Okay, in the last week and have opened up Marketplace websites for 3P sellers, WalMart has launched a Classifieds website and Etsy announced they would soon reach 1 million members. These announcements come on the heels of news that has opened up their platform for 3P sellers and we just moved into June

So I thought I would conduct a Marketplace Roll-call and list the marketplace options available today. If you have had experience selling on any of these marketplaces, please email me and let me know your thoughts or comment here on the blog.

Who said eBay didn't have any competition and some of these sites have lots of traffic. These are all Fixed Price Marketplaces
  • - The 800 lb. Gorilla is losing some weight. eBay is still the marketplace to beat but the sharks are circling - they smell blood in the water. As they move more into Fixed Price, they invite more competition. Nobody can beat them in Auctions but Fixed Price is the domain of "The River"
  • - My choice for top marketplace. Amazon is a world-class operation. There is plenty of room to grow at Amazon.
  • - You can sign-up to sell on their platform through ChannelAdvisor or Infopia. I'm talking about selling directly on their main web site, not through Overstock Auctions. Quite a few eBay sellers are selling there with great success.

  • - Sell right along side eBay's #1 seller. Yep! after one month on eBay is now eBay's #1 seller on a GMV basis. What a tangled web we weave. That's okay, the #2 eBay seller eForcity sells on
  • has just launched their NeweggMall, a marketplace for product that is not currently sold on So, if you sell Jewelry, Home & Garden product, Clothing, Auto Parts, they may be an option. Right now they may not have much traffic but has over 8 million customers so some of them are bound to bump into your product.
  • has also just launched a new Marketplace for used media product, mostly books. It is a partnership with so if you list on Alibris your items will show-up on the new Borders Marketplace.
  • eCrater, the little "free" storefront platform that could. It not really a marketplace, but if you are looking for a free solution to get your feet wet in ecommerce, this would be it. You have to do more work here to get traffic than you would with eBay Stores, but you also get to keep the customers.
  • Etsy - The marketplace for Handmade and Vintage product. They will soon reach 1 million customers, so if you make your own product or sell vintage items this is the place for you.
  •, if you are a media seller here's another marketplace to list your items.
  • - Its not really a Marketplace but an interesting take on a Comparison Shopping Engine. Basically you can add your items to their OneStop Shopping Cart and you only pay on delivered orders.

Imagine, in the years to come when Zappos opens their doors to 3P merchants or perhaps Best Buy, how many options will there be?

The key to all of this is Traffic. If you are a website that gets tons of traffic, you are always looking for ways to monetize that traffic and make it stickier. So opening up the platform to a broader product selection without having to own it makes lots of sense.


Cliff said...

Hi Randy,

I don't believe any of these are a real option for me with vintage collectibles though.

Is there any way to lay hands on numbers for increased sellers/general business for any of the antique malls like Tias, Ruby Lane, GoAntiques?

I would think they've seen some recent growth as well, though if they haven't that would be interesting too.


Randy Smythe said...


I'll look into it and see what I can find.


Anonymous said...

Randy, I just read a long article on Yahoo! news about a big eBay seller who will be stopping all his auctions effective today.

I have to go out now but I think the writing's on the wall for auctions on eBay. Do you think they're going to get rid of auctions totally and for good soon?

Sachin Agarwal said...

Randy, you missed us: Dawdle - the gamer's online marketplace where you can buy and sell video games, systems, and accessories.

We uniquely make it easy for independent retailers who purchase items for resale to put items on their Want List and let other sellers sell to them immediately, replicating the "walk in" experience online.

I'll give you a piece of my mind - or buy you a beer - when you're out here in Chicago.

Cliff Aliperti said...

Thanks, Randy

Anonymous said...

ANY auctions site interested in self-preservation has GOT to screen out the IPODS... and those TROUBLESOME DVD's Randy!!! :-)

tee hee