Friday, June 20, 2008

Making Buyers Happy

Lorrie is starting to talk about DSRs as the measurement for incentives and tools to weed out Power Sellers.

She's talking about the DSR and the number of Power Sellers that have 4.8 DSR's or better was 35%. That info really means nothing if those are all Bronze Power Sellers.

16% of all Power Sellers qualify for the new 20% FVF again, if they are all "bronze" power sellers how is that sunch a great number.

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Tony P. said...

Also, that "improvement" of 60% to 67% is meaningless.

For instance, if the total number of PS reduced during that time, all the other numbers could stay EXACTLY the same and that Percentage Statistic would increase.

Without correlating data, a single statistic is simply BS. What an insult to us, the sellers! Do they think we are such simpletons?!

Wait 'til the PS Req kick in next month and the total number of PS drops significantly. All of the "PS metrics" will drastically improve... by the time that only qualifies as PS, all PS metrics will be 100%.