Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing Your Diamond Power Sellers. Update!

We don't have the actual number of Diamond Power Sellers, but my guess is if it was based solely on monthly GMV probably in the 50 - 60 range, but since eBay also requires that they have 4.8's or better for their DSRs, I can actually only identify one:

  • is the poster child for Diamond Power Sellers and we actually have them to thank for this new level of seller and opening the door. Now if the rest of those sellers that sell more than $500K per month can just get their DSR's up we might be able to add to this new elite group.

There are a few who are real close, but S&H DSRs are keeping them out of the club.

Update: Thanks to the folks over at Seller Dome, I can now reveal the second qualified Diamond Power Seller - poor_fish. It sure is nice to have high ASP items. I would have had to sell 50K items each month to qualify.

BTW, I wonder if anybody has told them they are Diamond Sellers. You can bet eBay didn't send them a welcome to the Diamond club email.


Anonymous said...

$500,000.00 in GMV every 3-months is the criteria, there is no 1-month threshold. The other number mentioned was $6,000,000.00 in yearly GMV.

ms.pat said...

Another joke in a long list of Ebay jokes this year. They're a laugh-riot! :-(

Randy Smythe said...


Yes, you are correct about the 3-month criteria. has been selling on eBay since Dec and has met that requirement for the past 3months. Though they have blown that number away in the last 45 days.

David said...

I'd like to know what the "other perks" are? Free Listings and No FVF fees?

That club I think was designed for You pretty much have to do the free shipping gimmick to get a 4.8;

btw: I have a question about these "FVF Discounts".

Does anybody else find it funny how they are only giving a "discount" on FVF's? Why not give somebody a 15% discount on their entire eBay bill?

Anonymous said...


you cant be sure they qualify because you cant see the hundreths decimal place on their dsr's, the shown dsr's could be rounding up from 4.78 (for example) and it is not clear wether ebay will consider reounding dsr's for the powerseller levels or not--- probably just like the fvf discounts, no rounding.


Randy Smythe said...

Tim, you are correct, but these two are the closest I've found to qualifying.

Anonymous said...

You have to do $500,000.00/month for 3 months in a row and have 4.8 or higher DSR stars for 12 month average.

I saw somewhere else that the user monstercellular looks like they qualify but is unconfirmed.