Saturday, June 21, 2008

Internet Retailer Top 500 Retail Websites

I've been looking into the data from the 2008 Edition of Internet Retailer's Top 500 list and this some fascinating info. This is a list of independent retailers so it only counts online retailers with their own Internet presence. eBay sellers who sell primarily on marketplaces rather than their own websites don't show up in the list even though many of them would qualify based on revenue.

Number 500 on the list was KneeDraggers, Inc. with 2007 sales of $6.4 million. I know several eBay sellers who do more than that each year and Glacier Bay did $4.6 million in 2004.

Several members on the list got their start on eBay, but have expanded to their own web presence. Two examples are:
  • ShoeMetro is #471 on the list with $8.5 million in revenue in 2007
  • Rock Bottom Golf is #308 with $21 million in revenue for 2007

Several eBay sellers should be on the list:

  • eForcity, Movie Marz, Car Parts Wholesale among others.

And of course our newest eBay seller with over $500 million in 2007 is number 33 on the list. Looks like the path to the top 500 retailers is through your own website.


Stefan said...

Randy, I don't know about movie marz being the force they used to be... Look at their stats on Terapeak, they are waaaaay down, and it's pretty obvious why...

There is just no way you can maintain high DSR's when you don't carry stock, use virtual inventory, & ship media mail and/or mail innovations/smartmail (which add two days to delivery time).

I have a feeling that DSR's may very well clear out the Ingram buyers from selling the site, which could hurt them big time, as these sellers add thousands of SKU's to the eBay catalog.

Randy Smythe said...


MM actually has more than one ID and they are doing very well at Amazon.

There are big changes coming to the Media category come this fall so who knows what will happen then.

Stefan said...

Perhaps, but I'm just talking about ebay. I just don't see how those types of sellers can do well on eBay in a post-DSR world

bonni said...

Just FYI, one of Australia's biggest online retailers, DealsDirect, got their start on eBay. They left eBay in 2006 when eBay Australia slammed users with huge store increases (Australia's fee increases were higher than any other country, in case you didn't know). Apparently, DealsDirect crunched the numbers and decided to give eBay the flick, and they've been doing great ever since. I've even seen television advertising for the site.

I think it goes without saying that you're very unlikely to get rich on eBay. I know a few people did way back in the day, but a few people got rich from Amway, too.

Brian Perry said...

Hay Randy,

Were was dvd empire on the list?

Randy Smythe said...

For all my Media buddies:

#125 Infinity Resources $95 mil.
#182 CD Universe $53.4
#229 DVD Empire $36.5

Infinity is the owner of DeepDiscount, DVD Planet and Others

Sam Lehrfeld said...

Interesting the owner of, I felt compelled to add that our 2008 sales should be significantly greater than the 2007 number! I guess high gas prices aren't bad for everyone after all...

With regards to the comments about Ebay vendors, at one point in our retailing past, we did sell there too. However, the cost of doing business there became too prohibitive, and we were able to better market and sell our products using other methods.

Anyway, thanks for mentioning us...
Sam Lehrfeld
President Inc.

Anonymous said...

I think they're also a bit partial to "drop shipping" a service/product.

Many of your DVD guys do this. They consider their name a marketplace rather than actually providing a product.

Yes, Eforcity should be on here. They do 40 Mill a year and while im sure over 60% is on ebay, their website should still get TONS of sales.

Bluebay electronics made it to the list and after teraapeaking their name, about 80% of their revenue comes from ebay and website for returning customers.

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