Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm Going to be on Radio from eBay Live

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I will be on the radio live from eBay Live. I haven't received the actual broadcast schedule yet but I will let you know as we get closer to the date.

I will be spending some time with Dave White of eBay & Beyond, Basics to Business and hopefully give you a little insight into what is going on in the world of eBay and the rest of ecommerce.

Here is a little video on eBay & Beyond, Basics to Business. Pay close attention and see if you can identify me in the video.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you at the table 45 seconds in...?

Rich said...

The one with the eBay propeller Beanie...?

Randy Smythe said...

Annoymous, yep! You win a free subscription to :)

Rich, I'm not laughing :)

Rich said...