Friday, June 20, 2008

I Wondered Where the Boos Were.

There were no boos through all of JD's speech and most of Lorries speech until she mentioned Feedback and wow, that Booing was a surprise.

Lorrie handled it pretty well.


Anonymous said...

I don't think she handled it well at all. She reminded me of George Bush when she screamed 'Bring it on!' and we all know what happened after that.

Are we in for a long, drawn out war with sellers?

ms.pat said...

Sellers are hurt - make no mistake about it. They're seeing good reputations destroyed by a pack of "mental giants!" Its not going to end - its going to fester and get worse until Ebay either fades away (which I can't imagine happening) or begins treating sellers like fellow human beings. They have the means to sweep out the worst sellers AND buyers - they've had it for years when they came out with a rating system. They chose to ignore it the fraud and scamming going on and now they're like a bull in a china shop because they see sales dwindling. They desperately need management with good hard business experience. This crew is from never-neverland and all they're doing is enraging sellers even more....especially when they say they believe everyone is good (until it comes to sellers!) I'm a 10 year seller with a perfect record and I closed up my Ebay store and let my listings fall to under 6! I have no interest in going back to where I'm treated like a criminal! What does that tell you? I'm not alone in this thinking that's for sure!