Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Love Amazon Prime!

Okay, I am not a shopper, so the thought of paying roughly $80 for an Amazon Prime membership wasn't high on my list, but since I sell my product through Amazon FBA and Prime customers get access to my product, I decided to sign up for Prime as a test.

I had been noticing that a number of my customers are buying single, low ASP items and having Amazon ship them for free. I've posted about this before when I was talking about beating the penny sellers. I mean they are buying a $2.98 DVD and getting free 2-day shipping through Amazon Prime -- imagine an eBay seller, selling a $3 item with free 2-day shipping.

Well, my Amazon Prime Trial period is ending shortly so I thought I would give you my impressions - the trial period was free for 30-days.
  • I bought a Toshiba Laptop for my son's graduation, though I've been using it most of the time and got 2-day shipping for free. Saved me $45 over buying it from another site. I did my research and when I added the free 2-day shipping to the numbers Amazon came out the best deal.
  • I've made more online purchases since signing-up for Prime than I made over the last 6-months and strangely enough they all came from Amazon.
  • I wanted to watch a new release on my trip to eBay live, so Saturday I ordered "Jumper" and paid $3.99 for next-day S&H and had the DVD on Monday, in plenty of time for the trip. I paid a total of $19.95 including S&H, nobody else could beat that total price and get it to me by Monday.
  • You can have up to 4 household members on the same Amazon Prime account so I will get my son set-up, as well.
  • This Christmas all of my family members can be assured they will receive their gifts from Amazon, gift wrapped and delivered just before the holiday like Santa would do it.
  • I've almost already paid for my Annual Prime Membership and they haven't even charged me the $79 yet.

Now, I don't get paid for any of this, I'm just sharing my experience. Now, if I can just figure out a way to get an Amazon Kindle for my effort. :)

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