Friday, June 20, 2008

From the eBay Live Feedback Session!

Greg Holden from Auctionbytes was in the session and blogging live when he posted this exchange between Griff and a seller.

Griff: We had to make these changes because, without buyers, there will be no eBay in two years.

"Bullshit!" someone says.

"No bullshit," he responds; "absolutely true. The rate of decline in the growth of buyers…it was ripe for buyers going other places, and if the momentum starts, eBay is over."

Someone from eBay, finally admitted how bad this problem is.


Anonymous said...

I agree that retaliatory feedback got out of hand. Part of the problem though happened in 2007 when eBay started treating neutrals as negatives.

If eBay was going to start counting neutrals as negatives, they needed to let buyers know this.

Instead we got into a situation where a buyer who had an adequate buying experience would get negged and have a "bad buying experience".

David said...

eBay always talks about using "better wording"

Why is it that a simple site like has been able to do what eBay has never been able to do?

Why can't they add a checkbox that says "I understand that by leaving a neutral feedback, the seller will be penalized with decreased exposure, a lower feedback percentage, and possible sanctions by Trust & Safety"

Anonymous said...

additionally, they should notify buers that a 4 out of 5 carries the same consequences as a neutral, or worse. how is a 4 a fail?
--the titanium powerseller soon to go bust

bonni said...

And what's going to happen to eBay in two years when all the SELLERS have gone elsewhere because of ridiculous fees, stupid policies, and stonewalling tactics?

permacrisis said...

True. If they'd buttoned up a couple little things 5 years back, and made the "venue" more Yahoo-like, things would have kept chugging along no problem.

Nope, instead they went all State Cop.

My friend wished to resume selling ebay after 6 years and could not. He asked me what the trouble was- I replied he'd mistyped the URL, should have spelled "O,L,A" .

Anonymous said...

"Someone from eBay, finally admitted how bad this problem is."

Elaborate on what you mean by saying this? Are you agreeing with Ebay??? What are your thoughts on what Griff said.

Anonymous said...

Did you drink anything sweet and fruity that may have been kool-aid?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Griff. It's simple. If nobody buys stuff from your store, you're going to have to close up shop eventually unless you enjoy hanging out on the eBay boards and selling things to other sellers. This lack of growth impedes selling and negatively affects sellers.

People who buy stuff have either abandoned eBay or are turned off by the eBay culture if they're new to eBay and are going to Amazon and other eCommerce stores.

It really is about the buyers, as hard as that is for sellers to believe or respect.

ms.pat said...

They could have injected excitement back into ebay years ago. They had the means then to get rid of the worst sellers AND buyers - through the percentage system and put some safeguards in place for buyers. I saw sellers with percentages in the 80 percent range that were and ARE still listing! No...ebay finally saw that their own ignoring of the problem made it so bad that buyers started leaving. So they jump all over the sellers because...EBAY can't possibly be at fault! Ebay is never wrong! The strange thing is that nothing they have instituted so far has or will bring one buyer back. All the old fraudsters and scammers are still in place while Ebay gives buyers the power to beat honest sellers senseless until they leave in disgust. I sure hope it was Ebay's aim to have the buyers rid the site of sellers because if that's so then they are a complete success - if not - they are the dumbest management crew in business today!!! ....and just about anybody knows which it is.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, no Kool-aid, unless my drink was spiked.

Griff is right "...The rate of decline in the growth of buyers…it was ripe for buyers going other places, and if the momentum starts, eBay is over."

I guess I should have added my 12% to that. I think the momentum (buyers leaving)has already started and their changes are not going to work."

Do I get my blogger card back?

permacrisis said...

"....and just about anybody knows which it is."

Their methods are pure genius. But their market asessment is way off-- why they didn't send spies or moles out to do some trench selling first and then report back, I'll never know. Surveys... surveys are for wiping.

They never used ebay as it was intended to be used, when it worked right. They felt truly superior to the lowly ebayer, going in. It was a recipe for disaster.

Since 'Bain, et al' only speaks millionaire, those are the only sellers they deemed valid. Thing is, junk/oneoff dealers have tremendous margins and phenomenal sellthru. None of this crap. In real life, a nonperforming seller is a guy who ships a brick. (The lesson to scammers is, be sure to ship your brick within 3 days using ebay-approved methods)

The disconnect really IS socioeconomic. Mg't probably have tushy squirters and heated seats installed in their toilets. I'm not kidding.

If all businessmen realized how many MORE millions are still out there, which would gladly have been GIVEN if they'd not been coerced or stolen from us, we'd be treated like kings.

So in that sense yes- they are stupid.

Tony P. said...

At the Live! 2007 Town Hall Q&A, a seller asked why the S&H DSR states "very reasonable", for 5 stars. He said that by using the word "very", that particular DSR isn't reasonable itself.

Bill Cobb replied, "And I think that that is something we should look at because we’re not, there may be an unintended consequence of that specific word that we should take a look at. I think we should look at that very word."

After an entire year, ebay has done absolutely nothing about this issue. I have to conclude that was intentional. Which means, if I gave a flying shit, I would be in someone's face during this year's Q&A. It's called, asking the tough questions, with not one bit of leeway given on anything but an actual answer.

Yep, it would "make a scene". You can bet on that. Security guards and possibly, some blood would make an appearance. Until such things are done, ebay will shovel BS and sellers will believe that ebay is actually being sincere. BS.

BS BS BS BS BS!!!!!!

Just disregard my post - I'm definitely from the Old School. We take only so much BS before we act. In today's world everyone must be PC, not 'emotional' and do your best to maintain the status quo. The kind of people that ebay simply adores.

I saw that vid of another Old School type of person/seller. Guess we're just a dying breed. :-(