Monday, June 23, 2008

Final Observation about eBay Live 2008

As I've taken a second look at the conference, through all of the pictures on eBay Ink, I noticed only Lorrie Norrington seems to be up-beat . Most other eBay employees have a defeated look on their face (see picture above). I'm sure many of them walked into the office this morning and said "this just isn't worth it" and began working on their resumes.
The Senior Executives aren't going to be leaving (at least not now) but I can't imagine the TSAM's in Salt Lake and the regular employees in San Jose not re-considering their choice of employment.

And this comes after so many long-time eBay employees have already left. This management team is all new and Lorrie Norrington pleaded for sellers to give them a chance, but I honestly don't see that happening. The upset sellers actually gained some momentum from the conference.

eBay seems to be in reaction mode. Believe me when I say, I know that this approach doesn't work.

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

As a Christian seller I often wondered how so many Mormon's would allow themselves to represent a corporation as evil as eBay. I know you don't think they are 'evil', Randy, but preying on hard-working, faithful, and God fearing people (which most eBay sellers are)... that's evil.

eBay needs to help us help ourselves like we've helped them in the past. If they don't see that now, I'm afraid they never will.

Anonymous said...

Maybe ebay finally will realize that people will get by without them.

Look how the Saudi's are scramming to fix oil prices.

You can only pimp people for so long until they get fed up and figure a way to live without you.

I hope ebay's arrogance doesn't get the best of them, but I'm afraid it will.

ms.pat said...

Randy, as I see it Lorrie is right - they really don't want us to leave....until THEY'RE ready to get rid of us! They don't have all their ducks lined up yet - they are probably soliciting big retailers to get their presence on ebay. They will take the place of Amazon's own sales - then whatever big powersellers are left will sell as the third party sellers on Amazon. If they keep any small sellers it will be the ones able to "walk on water" whose items are so unique that buyers look for them. I just can't understand why large retailers would even WANT to have a presence on Ebay. Walmart, BestBuy, Sears, Target...already have their own excellent online presence. Its a pleasure to buy from them - I've done it - no hassle service and everything 100 percent guarranteed.

Yeah - all those VP's and Presidents of this and that won't be needed after the "reorganization" which is why they look so glum - the writing is on the wall for them too.

Anonymous said...

As a former TSAM rep, I can say that your hunch about ebay employees feeling defeated is right on the money.

Anonymous said...

Not a single smiling face in the group. Meg got while the getting was good.

Anonymous said...

I know that facial expression well.

The best job I ever had was for a little company that came up with a way to eliminate having to pay for a certain Microsft piece.

This thing we did was invaluable to small companies who couldnt afford MS pricing, but was too 'rinky dink' for the big boys to waste their time with- they just paid M$.

We had THOUSANDS of itty bitty little customers that would have kept us fat n happy for the rest of our lives, if we hadn't pissed them off. We were PROFITABLE almost at startup. Fer Crissakes leave it alone???

then comes Verticle something or other, everybody was buzzing it. One day the CEO decides we had to "clear out the clutter" and go after the really BIG sales.

We had a big sale, all right-- the bank auction, out in the parking lot :(

Those faces are the only honest Press Release to come out of ebay live-- I know and have worked with, and worn, that face for an agonizng year and a half.

We thought our cash position made us invincible till our PREFERRED SHAREHOLDERS grabbed it all, at the first sign of raindrops and the vendors got the crumbs... We got nothing

When the end comes for the Bay its gonna be swift.