Friday, June 20, 2008

eBay Live Keynote - Warm-up

I neglected to mention that I was impressed that eBay Execs took an hour out of the their day yesterday to meet with industry bloggers. It was good to finally meet Sue and Chris of Tamebay, Dave White at eBay & Beyond and Greg from Auctionbytes.

We had executives from PayPal, Seller Experience, Feedback and Finding and RBH was there.

Now, I'm sitting in row three in the press area, probably one of the best seats in the house. They have tons of chairs but no-way they will fill this place.

I'll be back posting when something actually happens.


Chris @ TameBay said...

Hey Randy, good to meet you! Sorry we didn't get more time to spend together.

You should have come and sat next to us in the best seats in the house on the front row - there was a spare seat next to me :-p

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks Chris, have a safe trip back to the UK. I would say see you next year but there won't be another eBay Live.

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