Friday, June 20, 2008

eBay Live Debriefing.

While I sit here at the airport waiting for my plane to arrive, I figured I would give you a quick recap of eBay Live 2008:
  • The Keynote was "much ado about nothing" PayPal A2Z (Amazon's Version is called A2Z) does show promise, but I haven't had time to look at the details. I can say this it is better than before, so that is a positive.
  • Show floor, was pretty quiet. Spoke with several vendors who felt it was pretty slow and others who said its been good. Last year at Boston the show floor was huge and there were several very large booths. This year USPS had the biggest booth, as far as I can remember.
  • Further research shows that several current sellers are close to being Diamond sellers and I'm sure they will invest in improving their DSR's in an effort to get negotiated pricing. I know many small sellers are upset about this but unfortunately the big get bigger. There will be fewer rags-to-riches eBay stories going forward.
  • It is inevitable that more sellers like are on the way.
  • BTW, the speculation that's DSRs are being manipulated is incorrect. The company has a sizable customer service staff to handle their eBay business.
  • The conference was good for me, it allowed me to reconnect with old friends and make new contacts, sorry it was short of news. Basically the only real anger I heard or observed myself was around the feedback changes. Greg Holden, from Auctionbytes participated in the Feedback meeting with Brian Burke and wrote that it was quite lively.

That is it for right now, but if I get any more info I will be sure and let you know.


Tony P. said...

Randy, thanks for your effort - it is appreciated! Not being there in person, I had to watch Vid and read postings. It was interesting.

ebay Live! 2008 - my take:

We are listening to you...
We are doing an analysis...
The entire flow is something we are looking at.
It is under consideration...
We want your feedback...

Did I miss anything? At any of the Lives, so far?

SSDY ;-)

Thanks again. Travel safe!

David said...

Outrageousauctions has gotta be diamond level.

The level playing field is over with this Diamond Powerseller tier.

how do you compete with somebody who doesn't have to pay listing fees, or has very low Final Value Fees.