Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buy.com Helping eBay's Book Business!

I was curious, what kind of impact the new Buy.com listings were having on eBay's Book category, because I've been hearing from sellers, that their book business was dying. Well, a month-to-month comparison revealed some interesting numbers.

I compared the top 7 "new" book sellers month-over-month (April to May) and here's what I came up with.
  • Total GMV for the top 7 sellers grew 104% from April to May (All of that growth coming from Buy.com)
  • Buy.com's GMV grew 1321% from April to May. (They were 100% Store listings in April and 100% Core listings in May).
  • The other 6 Sellers combined, lost 30% in GMV from April to May
  • The other 6 Sellers combined, increased listings by 20% from April to May (Store listings)

It looks like the Buy.com deal has hit the book sellers pretty hard, as they had to increase listings by 20% to lose 30% in GMV M/M (Those metrics are not the recipe for success)

So it is clear that Buy.com is growing GMV in the category, as well as taking share from other sellers. Of course this category was impacted the most by the Store fee increase of 2006, when a large amount of inventory left the site, so perhaps the Buy.com deal has just brought the category back to where it was back then.

I'll look at the Computers and Networking category tomorrow.

Just my 12%


former ebay seller said...

Just curious Randy, who were the other sellers in the top 7 ?

Randy Smythe said...

Email me and I'll give them to ya. I don't mind identifyinng Buy.com but I don't want to identify the others on the blog.

There are some different players than were there in early 2006

Ron said...

I am very intersted in the computer catagory as I sell there.
Heres hoping you can figure it out like you did the book catagory.

Randy Smythe said...


Thanks for the reminder. I got distracted with other stuff. I'll work on that this weekend.