Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amazon Restricts Some 3rd Party Video Game Sales

This announcement comes from the Amazon Seller Central messages and limits third-party sales of top selling video games. 3P sellers must be approved to sell these items.

As part of our strategy for maintaining buyer confidence, we allow only pre-approved sellers to offer these top-selling products in Video Games:

Rock Band (Xbox)
Rock Band (PS3)Rock Band (Wii)PlayStation 3 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4pk
Guitar Hero Bundle (PS3)
Guitar Hero Bundle (PS2)
Guitar Hero Bundle (Xbox 360)
Guitar Hero Bundle (Wii)
Xbox 360 Halo 3 Limited Edition Console
Xbox 360 Elite
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii Fit

We are committed to making sure that all sellers provide a high-quality buyer experience in Video Games, and that order fulfillment meets or exceeds buyer expectation. We periodically re-evaluate individual seller performance, and adjust the list of pre-approved sellers.

All sellers in Video Games can still offer ASINs that do not require pre-approval.

See Amazon is just as or more restrictive than eBay is, but they have always been that way.


David said...

eBay's been restricted items like this for years, they just rarely ever announce it.

David said...

Just a follow here, is an interesting article written by a titanium powerseller on this subject that I am copying and pasting.

eBay is just as restrictive but they like to use a much different approach.

This was written in 2006

The brilliant Minda at ebay trust and safety are at it again!

Ebay has introduced A VERY SILENT program to get rid of fake stuff on ebay. They have blacklisted 108 different high end manfacturer names like Nike.

In order to be able to sell items from the best manufacturers, you must pass the following criteria:

1. Paypal verified

2. No 1 or 3 day listings

3. No shipping to Asia (eBay is sucking up to high end manufacturers by being able to say that the items being shipped over there to be copied by the clever Chinese are not coming from ebay) I have news for ebay, the Chinese are smart people, they will somehow figure out a way to get the product.
4. Pass "Special Screening" from ebay trust and safety (This is a rubber glove search of your cavity by ebay trust and safety)
5. Account must be older than 6 months.

I think the end result of this policy is great. I think where eBay screwed up is not letting legitimate sellers know about it so we can plan for it and have our ducks in a row.

Ebay's Ready - Fire - Aim way of doing things is probably going to cost our company about $15k in sales over the holdiays. The timing of this is Un F#!$ing believable, right before the busiest shopping week of the year for internet retailers.

This policy is under the radar, it won't be announced, and the Top seller account managers aren't allowed to tell us what brands are affected, they can only tell if it is a brand you are currently listing.

Hope this helps someone

Anonymous said...


as a former Titanium powerseller i can tell you they have had a policy like this for a long time, the details have never been know. Even my account manager either didnt know all the details or wasnt willing to tell us. By trial an error we found most of the details. Sucks when you don't know the rules.....

Anonymous said...

eBay restricted me once for having two big of an eBay bill.

5 years ago when I first started out I put up a bunch of double featured fixed price auctions. All of them were homepage featured and featured plus costing me $130 a pop. I had 20 auctions up costing me $2,600.

A day or two after I posted these auctions I get an email from eBay's "loss prevention department" instructing me that I needed to fax my drivers license and pay half of my eBay bill. If I didn't do it they'd end all of my listings.

Anyways I faxed over my drivers license and paid them $1,300. Here's the funny thing. 5 days later they still ended all of my auctions.

I got about $5,000 worth of sales in the 7 days the auctions were up and then eBay credited me my $2,600. It was really stupid. Not only that but they removed the hold from my account and I had a $1,300 credit.

It did take 2 months of sending faxes to them by I finally got the $1,300 I paid credited to my credit card.