Monday, August 11, 2008

Repost - My Experience with Amazon Prime.

This is a repost of an earlier post about Amazon Prime, yes I am lazy and didn't want to rewrite it. I do have one update though; I still Love Amazon Prime - Try it out for One-month Free just click on the promo button on the right side bar.

Okay, I'm jumping the gun here with this post, because I just signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime on Monday and made my first order Monday evening, so I haven't even received my items yet, but I've had enough exposure to the service to write about it.

Here is my 12%:
  • With Amazon Prime and One-Click turned on, shopping on Amazon is a breeze. In fact I would dare say it was fun. No way, eBay ever comes close to this shopping experience.
  • When shopping with 3P Merchants, I just selected "Eligible for Prime" offers and whola I narrowed down the search to Amazon and one or two 3P Merchants. That number of offers will increase as more 3P merchants sign-up for FBA.
  • I purchased one of my own items and National Treasure 2 with standard 2-day shipping. I was going to choose Next-Day for $3.00, but since I wasn't going to watch the movie until Friday night, why pay the extra $3.00.
  • I received notice on Tuesday, that both items have shipped together and will arrive on the 22nd. They were shipped UPS and I have a tracking number.
  • I have absolutely no doubt that I will receive these items on Thursday the 22nd, just as the email said. The combination of Amazon's World Class service and UPS assures me everything will be fine. If it had shipped USPS I might have a little concern.
  • Now here is the fun part. I bought National Treasure 2 for $22.99 with Free Shipping. My Prime Membership will only be charged if I decide to keep the service after 30 days. I'm going to watch it this weekend and then add it to my FBA shipment on Monday, where I will re-list it on Amazon as Like New for $19.56. I guarantee it will sell within a week of being listed.
  • My total rental is $7.73 after I pay Amazon fees and include the difference in sale price. More than I would pay from Netflix or the corner Blockbuster but well worth the experiment.

Now, I am not a real big shopper but I am looking for a laptop and I normally would get that from Dell. Now that I have an Amazon Prime account, I will have to at least check out the laptops on Amazon --maybe it is time to purchase a Mac.

If I choose to buy the laptop from Amazon, I will save $51 with my Prime membership over a purchase from Dell (with 2-Day service) and $82 if I choose next day service. So I can pay for my yearly Prime membership with a single purchase and have the product by Friday. What a country!

I'll let you know what happens.

Update: I received my order from Amazon today just as they said I would. Both of my items shipped together. I paid no S&H and will turn around and resell these items next week.

As a seller, I could not even come close to offering this kind of service (2-day) at no charge. I'll pay for my Annual Prime membership when I purchase my new laptop this weekend (still haven't made the decision on Mac or Toshiba)


Parrish said...

Randy, get the MacBook, If you don't like the apple os you can set it up to dual boot with vista/osx, or triple boot with osx/windows/Your faverate flavor of Linux - They just feel so much better built than any of the brands for sale at office depot or the dells that I have seen.

I won one a couple of years ago at Ebay Live in Vegas, Intel pulled my name from the hat at the developers conference! It's SWEET!

Cliff said...

I love Prime, I've been using it since the week of its debut. I've never upgraded to overnight, my items (hundreds!) have always been here in the 2 day time period.

I did something similar, I picked up that new release with Philip Seymour Hoffman + Ethan Hawke (can't remember the name), thought it'd be good for my own collection, site unseen since I'm a Hoffman fan, but I didn't like it, so now it's getting bundled with the next FBA shipment.

Henrietta said...

Henrietta thinks you need to increase your 12%. After all that place charges 12.75% and you are worth so much more.

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks Henrietta!

My 12% will change the next time eBay increases Store FVFs :)

Linda said...


I agree with Parrish. Get a MacBook or MacBook Pro! I switched to a Mac two months ago. There's learning curve, but I've seen the light and I'm an Apple evangelist now! Love mine!

Anonymous said...

Randy, you are one savvy cat. Maybe someday, I can have my act as 'together' as you've got yours.

Hopefully, I will not be as old!

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, that was mean. I
ve determined that I am no longer old, I am "Vintage"

Anonymous said...

Where is the Applemac to Ebay's PC!!!!

Steve! SAVE US!!!

amazanian said...

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