Monday, May 19, 2008

More Changes Coming to eBay!

eBay just announced some policy changes coming in the months ahead. There are a number of changes that may affect your business, so please make sure to review the details of the announcement.

One positive that I got from the announcement was the: Removal of the Choice Policy

"First, starting immediately, the Choice Policy, which has required sellers to list similar items in different sizes and colors in separate listings, has been removed. Sellers may now create listings that offer choices such as size, color, and configuration. For example, a shoe seller may now offer a particular shoe in multiple sizes in one listing.

This change adds significant cost savings and convenience for sellers, while helping them delight their buyers with more choice."

This change in policy allows sellers to create one listing for an item and also offer the different sizes and/or features in that same listing. This is one of the changes that sellers have been asking for since the beginning of time, so I'm glad to see it becoming a reality. Now if you have a shoe available in different colors and sizes you only have to create one listing, saving on listing fees and hopefully providing a better experience for the buyer.

Hopefully the software vendors will be able to create listing templates to take advantage of this revised policy. ChannelAdvisor had developed something in the past called "The Configurator", hopefull they can roll this out to their clients quickly.


John said...

Configurator is an Infopia thing, not a Channeladvisor thing

Randy Smythe said...

Huh, I've could have sworn it was a CA thing.

We talked about it back in 2005.

Suzanne Wells - The eBay Coach said...

Thank God for this new change! Listing multiple items in all the different colors/sizes has been so time consuming. I was selling Crocs a while back, and let me tell you, creating a listing for each style, color, and size was enough to drive me over the edge.

This is wonderful news! Now we can just create a listing for one style, and add a color and size chart with the words "YOUR CHOICE."

The only downside to this is that customers expect sellers to be mind readers. They forget to tell us on their Paypal payment or via email their color/size choices. Sometimes a few days are lost waiting for the customer to answer the "What size do you need?" email.

But, overall, the new method will be much faster and cheaper.

Thanks, Randy.

Anonymous said...

From Ina's summary article today at auctionbytes:

"eBay will begin reducing visibility of listings from sellers whose 30-day shipping cost DSR is 4.5 and below and whose buyer satisfaction rate (shown on the Seller Dashboard) appears as "needs improvement," "poor" or "unacceptable." In addition, sellers with 4.7 and above on all 4 DSRs over the last 30 days may start to see an additional boost in their search standing in Best Match".

It's going to be very interesting to see the impact this has on many sellers. Most of the Nortica top 100 sellers are already due to lose their Powerseller status in June/July when ebay is set to raise the feedback % reqirements. These Best Match changes combined with losing Powerseller status could make core sales a bust...

I think it will probably be gradual but by 2009, we may see alot of sellers abandoning the core tranche alltogether.

Oh, this is presuming that ebay doesn't alter policy/raise fees on the store inventory catagory-making stores no longer viable for your business model either....

rich said...

There is proof through postal receipts when one mails a package that shows, date and time of mailing, origin, destination, cost, et cetera when a seller mails a package.

"Shipping speed" can thus be disputed as to "whose fault" delivery time is [seller or USPO]. Not to mention the posted date on the package which some nitwit buyers will always fail to consult.

Unfortunately, eBay does not display the accusers IDs that are rating the stars.

Isn't this odd since they show who is doing overall ratings that star ratings are anonymous? Overall rating and star rating by a buyer can't be shown together, openly?

"Shipping speed" appears to be a cute eBay planned "catch-22" allowing frivolous judgement with no recourse as to proof of innocence. Not even who is doing the rating---on which, of course, placement in search and final value fee rewards are based.

This needs a big fat class action lawsuit.