Thursday, May 22, 2008

List Free on for Over Three Years!

ChannelAdvisor and have recently extended their partnership, all fees associated with selling on are waived through Aug. 31, 2011! generates more than 9 million unique visitors per day. This translates into more product sales and higher revenues - and it’s all free when you become a ChannelAdvisor customer.


permacrisis said...

That's interesting.

I'd do it, but for Patrick.

In my opinion, with his Operation Deep Dark Castle or whatever the hell it is, he is missing the biggest opportunity ebay has ever handed him-- and ever will.

(The fact is, it should have never been allowed to get this far; the fight should have been one of Pat vs Meg, circa 2006 or 07.)

Of any institution that could topple Ebay right now, Overstock is has the means, the advertising channel and the Brass Coconuts.

Shame on ANY site that doesn't capitalize on the current ebay turmoil, but a Double Shame on Mr Byrne; the overstock vs ebay fight is a fight that's tailor made for him. You want a crusade Patrick, here it is... signed sealed and delivered on a silver platter from John Donahoe.

Stormy and Meaghan... pour some hot coffee in this mans lap PLEASE!!!! He needs to smell it!


-end of tirade-

(Question for Randy: how would you feel if Meg took over for Patrick?)

Tony P. said...

Perma, now you just know in your heart of hearts that Patrick would end up making ebay look like Mother Theresa, once the money started to roll into the O's coffers.

His past actions - Swift, callous decisions - have left many out in the cold.

Totally OT - my wetdream (can I write that?) is that Amazon works with Google to bring out an auction site...

...wait for it ....

headed by Jeff Jordan and all the other ex-bayers that left "to spend more time with family".

Now THAT would be my perfect O.

permacrisis said...

"Patrick would end up making ebay look like Mother Theresa, once the money started to roll in"


But I'd enjoy 4 GREAT years while it happened!


Sharlotte said...

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