Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Check Your Future eBay Feedback Percentage

Ina Steiner has a post on her blog about Feedback 2.0 being rolled out in Australia and what is interesting about what she found, is that even though you are not based in Australia, you can check your Feedback on eBay Australia and it will show you what your future eBay US Feedback will look like; when they roll-out Feedback 2.0 changes in the US. Good Catch Ina!

To check your Feedback rating under Feedback 2.0, go to the eBay Australia site and using advanced search (search by Find a Member) put in your user ID and whola your new Feedback 2.0 numbers.

I checked one sellers Feedback and they went from 99.6% on the US site to 99% under Feedback 2.0, which is still excellent in my mind, but others I've checked dropped significantly; some by as many as 2 percentage points.

BTW, don't wig out if you don't see any of your items listed in the store. If you don't sell on eBay Australia, they won't show any listings.

Update: Ina has a great little application on her blog, so no need to go over to the eBay Australia site. Just go here to see your current feedback percentage and your FB 2.0 percentage.

Additional Update: As my reader Rupesh Sanghavi pointed out, the FB is now hyperlinked so if a buyer just wants to see all of your negatives at once they just need to click on the number.


Ed said...

Hi Randy

But did you also twig to the fact that Oz sellers can still leave negatives for buyers - on the UK until this Thursday, and on the US until next Monday?

Could be some nasty surprises for buyers who've been holding back negatives until they thought they could get them retaliated.


Rupesh Sanghavi said...

Surprise, surprise. all feedback are hyperlinked. So you can click on negative feedback number and see only negative seller has received in last 12 month. Reading all those feedback would creat fale impression of seller as cheater and it would be easy for buyer to forget that seller has 97-98-99 % positive feedback. They will see 100 % negative. It's pretty damaging to high volume seller.

Ed said...

"until they thought they could get them retaliated"

should be

until they thought they could not get them retaliated

Anonymous said...

Nice, I'm a Titanium PowerSeller with 98.8% now, I'd go to about 96.9 and lose PowerSeller status and PayPal protection altogether.

I posted a long time ago on this blog that there was a massive wipe-out of PowerSellers coming... here it is.

Luckily I only need to come down by 7 neutrals and 14 negs over the month, so I might make it with more focus on 'pleasing' the customers eBay brings me.

It will take a while though to bring the 12 month average up. I may just say 'screw the feedback' and sell what I can, and focus elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

So all that money spent on squaretrade is now invalidated?

WTF is that?

Randy Smythe said...


Thanks for figuring that out. I would have never thought to click on the number.

That is a really bad change for sellers.

Rich said...

I am an aluminum powerseller which means I wear a tin foil beanie and sell under $20 a month.

I ship the same day payments arrive, but my shipping speed is still only 4.7.

The last three items I sold I hand-delivered to the customer's home and received 5s for shipping speed, but only 3.2 for "personal grooming."

Seems we just can't win---Rich

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks for the chuckle Rich!

Anonymous said...

We have a real PITA on the ebay discussion boards - he's antagonistic and harrassing and is regularly suspended for bad posts. Just for fun I put his ID into Ina's handy program and he changed from 100 percent down to 88. something. One problem - this troll only buys so he will be untouchable - instead of kicked off the site which should be happening. Obviously nothing will be done to these bad buyers. Once more, Ebay drops a big steaming loaf! (somebody says that on the boards and I just had to use it) ;-)