Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another Benefit of Amazon's FBA - Gift Services

You know me, always coming up with things I like about Amazon's FBA service well today it dawned on me that there are additional benefits that I neglected to consider.

Gift Services:

Basically, because I have my product in Amazon's warehouse all of my items become available for Amazon's Gift Services at no additional charge to me. Sure, I can't turn Gift Services into a profit center but I also don't have to hassle with the time and investment to integrate Gift Services into my business.

Amazon is touting the benefit of Gift Services for their merchants saying; "When you offer Gift Services, you give your customer the same enhanced buying experience available when they buy directly from We have found that merchants offering these services see an increase in their sales conversion rates.

Gift Services allow your customers to indicate an order is a gift. You can also enable additional options that allow buyers to add gift messages and gift wrap. By default, when customers indicate that an order is a gift, the product prices will not appear on the packing slip; however, they can elect to include them. Your customer’s choices will be reflected on the packing slip available in the Manage Orders feature. To learn more about setting up gift services"

Amazon is helping merchants that self-fulfill orders add Gift Services to their business using Seller Central but as an FBA merchant I don't need to even worry about it - Amazon handles it all for me. Just think, I can offer the industry standard in Gift Services without changing a thing.

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