Thursday, May 01, 2008

Amazon Feedback Test Working Well - For Me!

Back on April 8th, Amazon announced they would be running a test of their Feedback system; "... we will resume testing a new "Leave seller feedback" page. The test will be set up so that only half of our users will see the new version of the feedback page. Once the test is complete, if we decide to proceed with using the new page, all users will then see it.

We are revising the page to meet our business needs as we add new features, and to add improvements based on the many comments we have received from merchants.

Well, after close to a month, I can tell you it is working. Prior to the change I was receiving Feedback from customers on 5 - 8% of my transactions. I think this may have been related to being FBA because I understand that most merchants receive about feedback on 10% of their orders.

Now, over the last 22 days of the test I am receiving Feedback on 21% of my orders. This is a huge improvement. Not quite as high as eBay's Feedback percentage (avg. 70% while I was selling) but this is a marked improvement for my Amazon business.

I look forward to the day they make this test permanent and show it to 100% of the customers.

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