Monday, May 05, 2008

All eBay / All the Time!

Sorry, but this topic doesn't seem to be going away.

Here are some additional interesting tidbits to chew on:
  • is not using eBay's checkout and in fact they are taking buyers to a checkout page that looks like an eBay page but is actually hosted on's site -- without the nice little message "you are about to enter a third party site" that all software vendors have to include when they setup checkout for a client. There are strict rules they must follow with checkout redirect. It appears that does not have to do this.

    First, its about time that eBay allowed this and secondly; why aren't they letting everybody do it? Imagine the improved "buyer experience" if they rolled out these types of features to everybody. I know, I almost choked while writing that.
  • Also, I would imagine they are planning to roll-out a new pricing structure for the commodity categories similar to the one suggested in the many Stores Surveys making the rounds. Basically, Store Subscriptions will determine your CORE listing fees where the more you pay for a store (Anchor $299) the less you pay in listing fees (2 cent listing fees).

    They may not be planning on announcing this just yet because the deal became public a couple of weeks earlier than expected, but I would look for a big announcement regarding pricing at or around eBay Live.
  • Speaking of eBay Live! It looks like 2008 is it for while.

That's it for now, keep those cards and letter coming!


Anonymous said...

Wait until eBay Live... are they kidding? If they can do it for they can do it for us now.

Hey JD, where's that new eBay?

I can handle the new fee structure as you outline Randy... but I cannot suck-it-up until eBay Live, that's just ridiculous.

5 Year Titanium competitor that paid eBay $500,000 in fees the last 5 years.

I'm with you eBay... but we need it now. We CAN compete.

Anonymous said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but to add one more item to the list of "special treatment," the screen name (buy) wasn't created until 2/12/2002 when that screen name obviously wouldn't have been available for years prior.

Anonymous said...

Out of 35,394 completed Buy listings in the Computer category in the past two weeks, 1342 have sold for a sell-through of 3.79%.

Anonymous said...

The last ebay survey I was sent concerning this new discounted Anchor store scenario made it clear that Media and several other overpopulated commodity catagories
would NOT be included in a deal like this....(you can see a screen shot of the full list of these exempted catagories in the Auctionbytes blog post):

It is interesting to note that most all of these catagories that would NOT be included are the very same ones that BUY is getting their special private pricing deal for....

Randy Smythe said...


Thanks for the update on the Store Survey. It will be interesting to follow this.

This deal may be very good for sellers like JayandMarie or sellers who specialize in surplus, out-of-season product. It looks like sellers may once again need to reconfigure their business.

Rich said...

It seems the "plan" involves the abandonment of the small and medium seller. If they want to hang around for the ride then eBay will gladly accept their fees.

Meanwhile, many of us need to find still more baskets for our eggs...

Anonymous said...

Here's a good conjecture Post for you Randy:

What are the odds that DSR stars are being fabricated by eBay to get them their automatic %15 fee rebates? And/or what are the odds that isn't as we speak offering incentives to "digruntled" star posters to reverse or not leave bad ratings? What are the odds of Buy ever slipping below 4.7 for "shipping speed?" Heck, eBay won't even SHOW users who leaves ratings.

What a phoney joke.

"There is a cancer in this company" [remember the quote about the Nixon Whitehouse]

There's your big story and scoop Randy. Find a Deep Throat that can get to the truth of that scenario...

Randy Smythe said...


It is very possible that they have a different arrangement on DSRs then the regular seller. They already have many benefits that other sellers do not have.

I don't think it works the way you suggest though; perhaps they round DSR's up for and round down for everybody else.

If they have different messaging in the DSR page than others, we will find that out soon enough because somebody will get screen-shots.

I don't think eBay is worried about this, because they are already on record that this is a partnership. They don't consider the regular sellers partners, hell, until recently they didn't consider them customers