Friday, April 25, 2008

Stores in Search Part Deux!

Here we go again, it appears now that eBay feels they have control over search using Best Match, they are getting ready to re-introduce store items into search.

I first heard this from Ina Steiner's blog and she was referencing a post on the eBay stores board.

Here is the survey question the seller received:

Imagine that eBay updated its current eBay Stores product offering:

In the revised eBay Stores product offering, listings in the Store Inventory Format: Would be shown in Core eBay search results with Buy It Now items and Auction items. Would have lower Insertion Fees than Buy It Now listings depending on the eBay Store product to which you subscribe (see details in table below). Would have the same Final Value Fees as Buy It Now listings.

Imagine eBay made the explained changes to the Store Inventory listing format and also introduced (30 days, Good 'Til Cancelled) listing duration and ($0.30) Insertion Fee to the Buy It Now listing format.

Monthly subscription fee:

Basic Store $24.95 plus .10 store listings in core.
Premium Store $59.95 plus .05 store listings in core
Anchor Store $299.95 plus free store listings in core

In addition to these changes, imagine that eBay offered longer durations of 30 days and Good 'Til Canceled for all Buy It Now listings at no extra charge.

Taking into account these changes, would you consider continuing subscribing to one of the eBay Stores if eBay offered them at a reasonable subscription fee?

Now, IMO this is going to happen and they are just trying to fine-tune the details and I think this is a fantastic idea. Look for the large sellers to jump on Anchor Stores immediately.


Cliff said...

Hey Randy,

Hope you had a good trip, sounds like you did.

Well, I like this better than your idea of splitting the site, and I think the end result is close to the same. Bottom line here is the option of paying an upgrade fee to have Store Listings = Fixed Price Listings.

This is radical stuff though. I think they're going to need to test the hell out of this one before implementing because this seems like one where if they reversed themselves after 4 or 5 months of customer bitching then the company loses all credibility.

Interesting, I'd definitely be in for one of the top two options, the middle one if I keep stock around 2,000, the top tier if I end up with the number I think I will.

Rich P said...

They can't have their ["cake"]Core and eat it too.

Randy Smythe said...


They may only roll this out to some categories. Media is a perfect choice.

Rich P
They will sure try though.

Scott Pooler said...


I am with you on this one, great plan and I think it is what they have been working towards with the "Retail Experience" Mantra. Personally I would pay $10 more a month to get in core search for 30 days...

oldschool said...

The Anchor store offer proposed here will definitely come with qualifications: both a very high DSR threshold (who knows, probably at least 4.6 across the board) and Powerseller status to be maintained (and remember, that after this June, high DSRs in all 4 catagories/feedback are required to maintain Powerseller status).

Otherwise, at only $300.00 a month, every virtual inventory seller in the world will glut up the site with an unfathomable amount of duplicate lisitings from multiple ebay IDs/Stores.

It would be a nightmare for ebay and the core tranche would look like at its worst!

Just one media seller I know of (out of about 75) would have at least 300,000 listings up at all times-multiply that by who knows how many other sellers who would come back on board!

Right now, do an ebay search for "toner ink". Or "Playstation", or "i-pod"...think it looks horrible now? Imagine the glut if ebay didn't put controls in place to with a new discounted stores program like this...

Randy, you are doing well to stick with Amazon!