Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick Hits From the PeSA Conference - Keynote

eBay President of Marketplace Operations, Lorrie Norington spoke this morning about the changes happening at eBay and I thought I would just provide you some quick points that were made. I will add more color to these comments at a later point.

Quick Hits:
  • Newsflash! eBay announces that they consider sellers as customers. Sorry for the sarcasm, but one thing is clear that the messaging coming from eBay is that sellers count. Now all they have to do is prove it.
  • More fee changes on the way. Specifically category based pricing and lower insertion fees.
  • eBay management wants everyone to know, if you do not measure up to their seller standards, you probably should be selling elsewhere. At least they finally came out and said it. Key takeaway: If you want to make it work on eBay you will have to measure up.
  • 72% of S&H DSR's are 5's and the S&H DSR is the lowest of all 4 DSR's
  • 30% of Power Sellers qualified for the 15% discount over the last 30 days (as of the April 15th billing period)
  • It appears management is considering transparency with DSR's so that sellers will have the information they need to make the necessary changes. No announcement was made but they are looking into it, for whatever that is worth.
  • They didn't say it directly, but they mentioned that one major competitor has set the customer service bar very high. I wonder who that could be?
  • A year from now the site will have a much more retail look and feel. No details but here's my 12%. There will be PayPal only payments, Free Shipping incentives, perhaps a shopping cart finally.

I'm heading back to the event, but I will add more later. If you have any questions please post them in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them.

One more thing. I met the new Vice President of Seller Experience, Dinesh Lathi and he seems like a good guy. He is replacing Jim Ambach but I still haven't found out where Jim is ending up.


mrpayne2 said...

Sellers are customers... wonder how long it took for eBay to figure this out?

Randy Smythe said...

Now it is time for them to actually prove it.

They are talking a good game.

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