Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pierre Omidyar and the Level Playing Field

eBay's "level playing field" mantra has been a "sacred cow" at eBay for many years and in fact when I was selling on the site, the "level playing field" was the reason I was given, for eBay's unwillingness to negotiate volume discounts, etc to large sellers.

Well, thanks to Richard at eBay Ink we now have Pierre's version of what he meant regarding the "level playing field" on video for all to see and hear.

I've embedded the clip below:

Listen very carefully to the last portion of the clip when Pierre talks about large retailers getting back room deals to sell on the site.

There are two additional clips on Richard's post that are worth the listen and you can find them here.

Tell me what you think. I'll add my 12% in the comments section.


Anonymous said...


I think I understand now. Buyers and sellers are like chickens and eggs. Without the egg there would be no chicken. And vice versa.

Yes, it's all coming into focus now.

Anonymous said...

You think Pierre wears a piece?

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous #2

I wonder, it sure looks like it. Can you buy hair rugs on eBay?

Anonymous said...

Pierre is awesome. respect.

Anonymous said...

hey randy i have noticed that some of your blogs are alot like what other people have wrote about before you did.

Randy Smythe said...

Annonymous, thanks for the vote of confidence :)

My blog posts are "my take" on a particular subject. If they are similar to others than there is similar sentiment in the blogosphere.

If someone else has made the point and I actually read it, I always give credit to the source. In fact I won't even post about it if I can't add something to the discussion, that is why I have the MyBlogUtopia Reader so I can just link to the article or post.

It is common courtesy to link to the original or at least give credit to the source and I never write a post without doing that.

In fact I just did that in today's post. I basically reprinted another person's comments because they said it better than I would have.

Thanks for reading.

oldschool said...


Keep up the good work! Lots of us sellers appreciate YOUR TAKE on things because you actually ARE a longtime seller.

Your perspective can have more relevance to sellers than that of a news columnist or a blogger/PR hack....

Henrietta said...

What and why are you hiding?

When you blog on subjects that are of compelling interest to many, expressing valid reality based opinions, people with more than two functioning brain cells might well not only agree with the blogger but have expressed similar opinions themselves. Fancy that!

Randy, I like your blog, I learn from it. Thank you

Randy Smythe said...

Readers to the Rescue! A new mini-series.

Oldschool and Henrietta, thanks for the kind words and I do appreciate your support.

And to all of the rest of you anonymous lurkers thanks for making MyBlogUtopia a success.