Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Competitor to eBay? Wigix

There have been all kinds of articles written about the launch of Wigix.com as a competitor to eBay. I've added several of them to MyBlogUtopia Reader, but I decided to make my way over to the site to check it out for myself.

This is not going to be an in-depth review of the site, nor is it going to be just a regurgitated press release -- it is strictly my 12%.

The site looks clean and simple enough, but it just isn't intuitive. It appears the site's developers wanted to create a kind of NASDAQ for consumer goods -- a marketplace where your inventory grows or declines in value. The metaphor is lost on me.

One of the reasons eBay has lost buyers, is because they just want their product and want it now. They are tired of waiting 7 days for an auction to end and they certainly don't want to do the amount of work Wigix appears to require.

Companies like Amazon and Zappos are excelling at providing a great "customer experience" and that is the wave of the future for ecommerce not something like Wigix.

Wigix, is an example of an interesting idea in concept, but not a viable idea in reality. eBay need not worry that Wigix is going to take their auction business away and sellers will have to keep looking for the "Holy Grail" that frees them from the tyranny of eBay.

Just spin of eBay Classic and everybody will be happy.

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

[your Wigix link is broken]

Collectibles and vintage sellers are AGAIN left wanting for a feeBay alternative with Wigix.

How many MORE alternatives to eBay do sellers of NEW need? How many shoppers are clammering for new places to shop for NEW?

I sell OLD Stuff and need an option! No one such as Google or Amazon is stepping up to the plate to fill this void!

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, thanks for the catch on the link.

Unfortunatley, the problem with "old" is eBay has this business locked up.

Though, if the "old" items can be priced at a fixed price you can still sell many of them at Amazon.

I just sold an OOP DVD on Amazon for $99.95 and would have been lucky to get $50 on eBay if I had auctioned it.

Cliff said...

Hi Randy,

Ah, so those collectible DVD's do sell, good to know. Do you list them in the Collectible category on Amazon, or just used? I've been staying away from Collectible so far myself because while there's less competition there when I think like I buyer I find myself going right to the Used area with the higher number of listings.

Man, I hope VHS goes okay there (I saw some posts on the Amazon boards saying that they do). I actually made my first purchase (off eBay) expressly for Amazon, so count me as little more entrenched there.