Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Q1 FBA Stats!

Just thought I would share some of my Q1 FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)Stats.

Revenue and order numbers for Q1:
  • Total orders - 3155
  • Total Revenue - $43,107.52
  • ASP - $13.66

FBA Order Breakdown:
Update Revised Numbers in Bold - Thanks Nate!

  • 21% of orders were to Prime customers
  • 55% of orders were to Super-Saver customers
  • 24% of orders were to customers that paid my higher price ($2.97 over lowest price) plus the Amazon S&H fee.

It blows me away that a quarter of my orders were higher priced than the competition by $2.97 and I still got the sale. I'm not sure what % of those orders were purchased based on position in search or because the order was fulfilled by Amazon.

76% of my orders had basically no competition because competitors items were not qualified for Prime or Super-Saver shipping. This is a great opportunity for smaller sellers to get an advantage over the big guys.

With over 2 million sku's in the media category I don't anticipate bumping into many FBA competitors for the foreseeable future, even if all of you guys start to do this.


Scott Pooler said...

Excellent Job!

Spread the gospel Randy!

ASP = All Media Items?

Man, that is incredible I don't thing you can do that on the other popular yet controversial selling venue, at least not any more...

Randy Smythe said...

Yep, all media items. These kind of sales remind me so much of my early years selling on eBay.

Of course now I have 8 years of experience selling online so I'm working so much smarter.

Frank In Montana said...

Just curious how to generate this report for my sales. Selling 10 years online this year and still learning : )

frank in montana

Randy Smythe said...

Frank, you can find the report in Seller Central. Just click on the Reports tab then click the Fulfillment Link in the blue header.

Then select the Customer Shipment Sales link and one there select the range you want to cover.

Sort the Per Item Ship Charge Column Ascending. Here is the things to look for:

0.00 or 3.99 Would be considered Prime Shipments. (If you sell books or Video Games the $3.99 might be regualr orders as well)
$2.98 will be standard DVD and CD orders Everything else will be Super Saver or Expedited regular orders.

It isn't precise but you get in the ballpark.

Hope that helps.

Marty said...

Randy as always fantastic info and follow-through on all the important matters . Great work! :)