Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Blog Utopia Stats! Q1 Report

I would have used "Q1 Earnings Report" in the title except there really aren't any earnings from MyBlogUtopia directly, though the activity surrounding the blog is earning me more money each month.

I am very happy to report that I am almost generating enough income from the activity attributed to My Blog Utopia to make this a living -- almost. I had originally felt it would take up to two full years and I am now officially in my 18th month as a blogger.

So here are My Blog Utopia stats for Q1 of 2007:
  • 18,359 visits.
  • 27,821 page views
  • 1.52 pages per visit (I actually think this is pretty good since I always have my most current posts on the same page.)
  • 02:20 Avg. time per visit. (This stat is deceptive since RSS readers only count as 1 sec per visit unless they click to the blog and the majority of my visits are via RSS)
  • How visitors come to My Blog Utopia
    Search Engines 6,673 (36.35%)
    Referring Sites 6,603 (35.97%)
    Direct Traffic 5,080 (27.67%)
    Other 3 (0.02%)
  • 53.19% of visitors visited more than 2 times during the quarter.
  • RSS Subscribers (At the end of the Quarter) - 224 active subscribers (800 avg. daily views, 273 clicks)
  • The Top 6 Referring Networks (See if you recognize yours)
    #1 - Road Runner
    #2 - Comcast
    #3 - Verizon Internet
    #4 - eBay, Inc.
    #5 - BellSouth Net
    #6 - Amazon

My Top Three Posts.

  1. 2008/01/ebay-sellers-already-gaming-best-match.html
  2. /2008/01/amazon-webstore-vs-ebay-store.html
  3. /2008/01/free-trial-on-amazon-webstore.html

Additional Stats: Current Alexa Ranking - 659,312 (I'm just happy to be down to 6 figures)

Update: Alexa just reconfigured their stats and MyBlogUtopia moved up a bunch to 427,216, still quite a ways to go, to get in the top 100K, but that is my goal

Thanks to everybody who's stopped by the blog or subscribed via RSS. I really do appreciate it.

Just my 12%


Anonymous said...

You are doing a fine job. Keep plugging away...

Anonymous said...

I agree. Keep up the hard work.