Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Ways to Follow Me on the Web!

Now, you can find me all over the web:
  • On Twitter - I'm now using Twitter as an extension of MyBlogUtopia. I've found Twitter is best for what I call "quick hits" (speculation, news bytes, etc.) but I will occasionally throw the "just went to the Micky D's" tweats out their just for added flavor. 64 followers and climbing.
  • On Seeking Alpha - I'm now posting much of my content over at Seeking Alpha, a financial blog aggregator. Some of my posts may be beneficial to investors, so I post investment related pieces on Seeking Alpha. The nice thing is they show-up on Yahoo finance.
  • LinkedIn - If you want to take a look at my eclectic background or connect on a business level take a look at my LinkedIn profile. Feel free to add me as a contact.
  • On SquidWho - Since I'm not important enough for a Wikipedia article, I created my SquidWho profile which includes info on my business background, but also a ton of stuff on me personally.
  • If you want to see some of my content from the early days, before I launched MyBlogUtopia, check out my posts at Associated Content. I haven't posted anything new over there for quite awhile but its fun to see what I thought about ecommerce back in late 2006.
  • Subscribe to MyBlogUtopia Reader - This is an RSS feed of the articles I read each and every day including weekends. These are articles I find of interest and I want to share with my readers.

    Only 30 of you have subscribed so far, but I think it would be worthwhile for the rest of you. Let me do the searching for you. I have plenty of time on my hands.
  • Subscribe to MyBlogUtopia RSS feed. The vast majority of my posts are read by subscribers rather than actual visitors to the blog.

    In my feed I give you 100% of MyBlogUtopia content in the RSS feed so you don't have to click over to the blog if you don't want to. I realize this cuts down my opportunities to generate advertising revenue but I'm all about the "Reader Experience"
  • My Facebook profile - I don't spend much time on Facebook because I haven't found a place for it in my daily routine. Maybe someday soon.

That should be enough. Don't be a stranger now.


Rich said...

"I'm now using Twitter as an extension of MyBlogUtopia"

I'm using it on my blog to parody the inanity of endless communication by people who have little or nothing to say...[not referring to you Randy---enjoy your blog]

Ooops, gotta run! Gotta let my Twits know that I been over at Randy's posting astute comments. They miss me when I don't stay in touch!

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks for the chuckle Rich!