Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Baaack! The Bay Estimator Returns!

That was fast! eBay has brought back the BayEstimator for eBay sellers, so get ready to check your listing titles and get an edge on best match. It looks like they have fixed the little loophole that caused eBay to shutdown the tool -- though management said that wasn't the reason.

Now if you use more that one keyword of value this warning comes up.

eBay Labs SpamEstimator - Keyword Spam Detected
If your valid title is being erroneously flagged as having keyword spam, please report in the Comments section. Include the title.

Conversely, if a title that should be detected as spam is not being flagged, please post that as well. This will help us look at algorithm improvements.

Have fun kids, but play nice!


Scott Fillmer said...

I hadn't seen this yet, thanks for posting information about it. I hope they get the bugs out first, but it sounds very interesting.

Scheezo said...

I've tried discussing this in the Seller's Central forum for quite some time and eBay always removed the post. Why would they want to keep this so hush hush?

Randy Smythe said...


Originally they were worried about sellers gaming the system. I don't know why they would be pulling posts about it.

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